Woman arguing with fellow ‘hypocrite’ over internet-supported baby names

Commentators were quick to defend a mother who was expecting to call her co-worker a hypocrite in a popular online forum.

In a viral Reddit post posted on the r/AmITheA**hole, Redditor u/Creative_Chance_5077 (otherwise referred to as the original poster or OP) said that she and her husband had considered naming their daughter after Harry Potter Personality – something with which one of her co-workers strongly disagreed.

Titled “AITA for calling my co-worker a hypocrite for giving her a ‘nerdy’ name to her baby,” the viral post has received more than 8,000 votes and 1,500 comments in the last day.

The original poster wrote that the couple had yet to “fix” a name for their child yet, and said they were leaning toward Minerva, after Professor Minerva McGonagall of the fictional Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

However, after discussing the name of the potential child at work, the original poster listed the criticism she had received from a co-worker, referred to as Gwen.

She wrote, “My co-workers and I were talking about my upcoming maternity leave when I got the names. And I said we only decided like Minerva.” “It should be noted that it is a well-known fact in my office that I am a huge Harry Potter fan.”

She continued, “Gwen started interrupting me and telling me I shouldn’t force my fandom on my baby by giving her the name Harry Potter.” I understood what you meant, but then I said this: ‘Well, but you named your daughter after Harley Quinn, right?’ Isn’t that the same thing? “

Explaining that Harley Quinn is a character within the DC Comics Universe, the original poster questioned why it is acceptable to name a child after a fictional character, while naming a child after a character from a separate fictional world is not.

“I do not know what [Gwen] Like at home, but naming your child after a cartoon character is no better than if they were from another fan base? “

Reddit users came to the defense of an expecting mother who recently received criticism from a co-worker over the name she chose for her daughter.
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Naming children after fictional characters is not a new phenomenon, and is not limited to Harry Potter and DC Comics.

For years, parents have given the names of kings, queens, mermaids, witches, wizards, jadis, and many other major characters who have appeared in TV series, movies, and books.

two years ago, Buzzfeed He published a list of the 16 most famous names derived from fictional characters.

The list included Elsa (from Disney frozen), Anakin (from star Wars), Ariel (from Disney the little Mermaid), Katniss (from hunger Games) and Khaleesi (from Game of thrones), among others.

In the case of Khaleesi, also known as Daenerys, Eagle She reported in 2019 that hundreds of babies were born with both surnames, and Khaleesi, specifically, became one of the 1,000 most popular baby names over the previous year.

During the first seven seasons of Game of thronesAl-Khalisi’s name could have sounded like a brave name. But after the final season of the HBO thriller series, which saw the character transformed into a bloodthirsty “Mad Queen,” the connotations associated with the name changed completely.

In its groundbreaking post on Reddit, the original poster kept insisting that name choices are made by the parents, and that they should be respected, no matter what fantasy universes they come from.

“If you name your child after a fictional character, you should not criticize others for doing the same,” she wrote. “Even if you hate the other fandom.”

Redditors who responded to the viral post echoed that sentiment.

“You are on [not the a**hole]Redditor u/Fritemare confirmed the original poster, in a comment that garnered nearly 4,000 votes.

“[Minerva] It is a real name. “He was a name before Harry Potter came along,” they continued. “It’s also very hypocritical for them to call you when they literally name their children after their fans.”

Redditor u/TahiniInMyVeins, whose comment got nearly 2,000 votes, responded directly to the viral post’s title, and said the original poster was justified to call out her co-worker.

“She did not criticize Gwen for naming her child ‘Nerdy’,” they wrote. “She criticized Gwen for being a hypocrite.”

In the top comment of the post, which got more than 15,000 votes, Redditor u/waywardjynx relayed a similar message.

“[Not the a**hole]”She embarrassed herself,” they commented.