What the internet thinks Brian Laundry might look like right now

It’s been a month since Brian Laundry vanished into thin air and Internet investigators have been busy imagining what the fugitive – the only person involved in Gabe Pettito’s death – might look like now.

Photoshopped images circulating online show a bald, bearded 23-year-old with a thicker appearance – with long, shaggy hair and a bushy beard, The Sun reports.

Laundry, who has not been named as a suspect in his girlfriend’s death, is the subject of a massive manhunt and multiple scenes across several states after never returning from what he told his parents was a hike in the 25,000-acre Carlton Reserve in Florida.

Since September 18, authorities have been pursuing a fugitive wanted under a federal arrest warrant for allegedly using a stolen Petitto bank card after its disappearance. Her remains were found in a Wyoming park on September 19.

Forensic artist Lewis Gibson believes Laundry may have lost a significant amount of weight while sprinting.

Hairy iterations of what people think Laundry looks like now come after famed forensic artist Louis Gibson showed drawings of the sun showing the effects his time could have had on him.

“I have my opinions. The 39-year-old artist, who holds a Guinness World Record for the largest number of identifications ever by a forensic artist, said he is trying to make it a survival thing, which will likely include camping.”

Online investigators tease out what Brian Laundry might look like now, after a month of running
Internet investigators have mocked what Brian Laundry could look like now, after a month of running.Facebook

“When you’re out in the open this way, you get so much extra sunlight that you have some skin damage. He’ll probably have a lot of redness or rosacea on his face, like you sometimes see on a homeless person.”

Gibson added that Laundry may have lost a significant amount of weight, somewhere between 10 and 15 pounds, because “it’s hard to eat while you’re running. It’s nibbling away in your face.”

“Life is going to be difficult for Brian Laundry now. Very difficult. That will show in the form of weight loss,” she added.

Online investigators tease out what Brian Laundry might look like now, after a month of running
Authorities have been searching for Brian Laundry since September 18.

Contrary to some photos that investigators shared online, Gibson told The Sun that she believes Laundry most likely shaved off his beard, rather than allowing it to grow too large.

“Because his beard and mustache are very, very distinctive, I think he would have shaved very fast. He’d be crazy if he didn’t shave because it would be so easy to spot,” she told the outlet.

Gibson agreed with the theory that Laundry would grow his remaining hair – and perhaps also dye it a lighter shade.

“He has to let his hair grow, but the hair only grows about a third of an inch each month, so he probably has hardly any hair growing right now,” she said. “He’s even wearing a COVID mask all he wants without drawing attention to himself – that’s an important thing to watch out for.”

The artist said that two of Laundrie’s traits have little or no control over his teeth and ears.

“I went to dental school so I noticed his teeth were unusual. I told Sun his upper lateral incisor bulges out at the bottom, just a little bit and results in a kind of uneven lower edge of his upper teeth.”

“It shows easily when he’s talking or smiling. It shows the bottom edge of those teeth,” she said.

“Ears are also the most intricate thing on the surface of the head — more so than eyes, lips, or noses. There’s really nothing that can be done to change them,” Gibson added.