The wonderful ‘guinea pig train’ delights the internet

A viral video has shown that guinea pigs do better with friends, much to the delight of the Internet.

Shared on Thursday by guineapigcarecenter on TikTok, the awesome video, which can be seen here, has over 1.5 million views and over 290,000 likes.

In the video, the adorable rodents are seen following each other in a row, with three guinea pigs walking around a corner before turning back for the fourth.

Established in March 2020, The Guinea Pig Care Center is based in Arizona and has been taking care of guinea pigs ever since and teaching the public about the popular animals.

The Guinea Pig Care Center website states: “My ultimate mission is to increase pet retention for guinea pigs by providing helpful resources and advice, and I believe more owners can contact guinea pigs, thus reducing the number of surrenders.”

An estimated 6.3 million animals enter US shelters each year, according to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. While guinea pigs are often welcomed as children’s “primary pets,” these animals are often handed over to shelters.

He told Mairwen Guard of CottonTails Rescue, a rabbit and guinea pig rescue charity in the UK, NEWSWEEK: “Generally, guinea pigs are rehomed because they were bought as children’s pets and the novelty has faded away, so no one wants them anymore. They can live much longer than most people think, so if the parent isn’t interested in them, most kids grow out of them well. before they die naturally.”

Last year, Guard and Cottontails Rescue found new homes for nearly 70 guinea pigs.

“Humans are so flawed that they tend to get bored of a new activity or hobby within a few weeks or months, and unfortunately pets are no different.”

“Having a friend can help them feel less anxious and stressed because they won’t face the world alone,” the video caption reads.

Viewers on TikTok were delighted with the great video. One commenter wrote, “I found this funny to watch,” while another said, “That’s cool. Love the way they follow one file.”

Other users have shared their experiences with guinea pig friends. One wrote: “Before the guinea pig got a mate, he was very fickle and refused to eat vegetables,” while another said: “I am siblings and their relationship is very nice, they look after each other and play together. [I] I can’t imagine how they would be alone.”

The San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance reports that guinea pigs are highly social herd animals that love to stick together when feeding or grooming. Their social status starts early, with an average litter of young guinea pigs including three to four babies, but as many as 13 per litter is not uncommon.

At the end of the video, guineapigcarecenter makes their point by reading the text overlay: “Yes, there are guinea pigs that prefer to live alone, this is rare. They should have a friend who lives side by side in a different cage. Always assume a guinea pig is not the exception and does whatever You can first.”

Another viewer joked about the behavior of the rodents following the leader and wrote: “Me when I’m drunk and my friend goes to the bathroom without telling me.” Meanwhile, another comment joked that the video was: “Guinea pig train.”

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NEWSWEEK Reach out to guineapigcarecenter for comment.

Guinea pigs eat from food bowl
File photo of young guinea pigs eating from a bowl together. A great video that proves that guinea pigs are the happiest together has delighted the internet.
Olga Evtushkova / Getty Images