The Internet supports women not to sit at the children’s table at the party

A 22-year-old woman has widespread support for not wanting to sit at the kids’ table at the insistence of her aunt during a family event.

The viral Reddit post, titled “AITA for not wanting to sit at the kids’ table,” has been voted on more than 8,200 times since its participation in the “Am I the A**hole” subreddit on March 6. User @ Economy_Wasabi7361 revealed. She was at a recent party at her aunt’s house to celebrate her cousin’s birthday when the accident happened.

When it was time to eat, the original poster (OP) brought her plate into the kitchen and began going downstairs where everyone was eating.

The OP revealed, “Anyway, my aunt ran over and asked me where I was going. I said downstairs like everyone else, and she told me I had to sit at the table so I wouldn’t spill anything or make a mess. I didn’t like this because I’m 22 , and I know how not to make a mess and also because the only people sitting at the table were my three young cousins ​​aged 13, 10 and 6.”

Redditor explained that she didn’t have to sit there, but that her aunt was standing in front of her, blocking the way downstairs. OP gave up and sat down with her cousins, but when her aunt came back to the kitchen, she went downstairs where her aunt couldn’t see her.

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woman serving family
The Internet supports women not to sit at the children’s table at a family party. Here, a woman serves her family at the table.

The Redditor continued, “About five minutes later I went downstairs and saw me sitting on the sofa eating and telling me to go back upstairs to eat at the table. I tried to stay respectful, but I said I was too old to eat at the kids’ table, and I didn’t understand why it was I expected to eat with them when my sister didn’t have to.”

According to the OP, her aunt “was engrossed” back upstairs, though she eventually sat down with her plate of food. She mentioned that her aunt seemed “a little upset” for the rest of the event, and in the car on her way home, the father of the operating doctor said she should have been sitting at the children’s table and listening to her aunt because it was her home.

In a comment on another Redditor, the OP added, “I was messy and clumsy when I was a little kid, like under 10, but I like to think that over a decade ago I could sit down with adults.”

More than 700 comments have been made to the Redditor, and while not everyone agrees, most people are in favor of the young woman about things.

Many think the OP’s aunt wanted someone to watch the little kids at the table. One comment received over 16,000 upvotes on the topic. “NTA, looks like she wants a free babysitter for her kids,” the Redditor said.

Some people didn’t utter words about the situation, and one viewer called it “weird AF”, adding, “Maybe the aunt wanted someone to watch the kids? But I can’t understand why she didn’t just ask you instead of treating you like a kid, a toddler at that.” Very strange and downright insulting.”

One Redditor wondered where the rest of the family was during the whole situation, asking, “Nobody defended you?” The user continued, “This is strange. Even assuming that a 13-year-old was not able to eat properly without spilling is strange.”

Harsh words came rolling over the situation. “Honestly, 13 is too old to be at the kids table too,” said one user. “Your aunt is weird.”

However, someone else believed that the OP was not ** the loophole in the situation. They think it’s an adult, “And part of that means you don’t have to let anyone make you a child. As long as you’re polite about it, you’ll never be an asshole to stand up for yourself.”

Another Redditor admitted that they won’t attend family gatherings at the aunt’s house anymore. “I know this is trivial,” they said, “but the next time your family is hosting a family dinner, tell her to sit at the kids’ table and see how she likes it.”

NEWSWEEK I reached out to u/Economy_Wasabi7361 for comment.