The Internet of Things is helping the New Zealand glass manufacturer revolutionize the industry

The Internet of Things is helping New Zealand glass manufacturer AGP to disrupt the industry by delivering supplies for four days.

Architectural Glass Products (AGP) has deployed Internet of Things (IoT) technology from Pollin8 and Thinxtra to track their products and delivery vans around the clock to avoid asset loss and support customer service.

Founded in 2019, AGP was established in response to market demand for high quality glass that can be manufactured and delivered in short time frames.

The company is now the largest manufacturer of Insulated Glass Units (IGUs) in the country. It operates a highly automated four-hectare plant in Hautapu on Te Ika-a-Mui, New Zealand’s North Island.

AGP has more than 1,750 purpose-built delivery carts, valued at NZ$3,000 each, to transport its high-value fragile glass products. AGP has installed low-cost Pollin8 IoT trackers, which communicate over the Thinxtra 0G network to reduce the risk of losing these assets and ensure their efficient return to the facility. This allows the manufacturer to track assets in real time.

“Before AGP came to market, the time from glass ordering to delivery was unpredictable, and customers didn’t quite know exactly when their products would arrive,” says Jane Sanford of AGP.

“We have completely disrupted the market with delivery in four days. Having a combined IoT solution for Pollin8 and Thinxtras has proven right from the start to be fundamental to our ability to provide this level of service. Rather than resorting to the time-consuming task of calculating assets on a map with A basic GPS solution, we have a dashboard and data that tells us which customer has the carts and how long they are available, enabling us to quickly take action to maintain our high levels of service.

“Our customers’ cash flow can be significantly improved knowing that their supplies will be delivered on time; quickly recovering our assets to meet the next set of orders helps mitigate any spillovers that might affect them.”

Pollin8’s IoT devices are installed in each AGP delivery vehicle and record location data, including where GPS signals are unavailable. This information is transmitted over the Thinxtra National Low Power Wide Area Network (LP WAN), known as the 0G network, and is presented to the AGP in real time through web and mobile applications in an easy-to-understand format.

“Although GPS-based tracking solutions have been available for powered vehicles for decades, the Internet of Things (IoT) has introduced the ability to track non-powered assets using devices with long battery life in an affordable way. and at scale,” says Pollin8 CEO Nick Pickering.

“This means we can provide AGP with not only around-the-clock tracking, but also customize the solution for unique business requirements now and as its business expands in the future.”

AGP chose Pollin8 and Thinxtra because the embedded IoT solution is cost-effective, making it ideal for the manufacturer’s plans for continued expansion. AGP also saves costs over time because the devices are battery powered and last for several years, reducing the need for replacement.

Since its inception, AGP has built a highly complex, efficiency-certified process, says Nicholas Lambro, CEO of Thinxtra, which the company has leaped into in New Zealand. He says that by bringing the Internet of Things into the mix from a very early stage, AGP has gained precise insight into the assets responsible for safely moving its glass products to a rapidly growing network of customers, avoiding unnecessary losses, and maintaining customer service level agreements.

“The combination of IoT devices and data has created a massive opportunity to reduce carbon emissions,” says Craig Wise, CEO of New Zealand Green Investment Finance.

“With the ability to better track vehicles and assets, organizations can reduce their environmental impact by improving fleets and routing to shorten time on the road while avoiding waste from lost assets. It is great to see Thinxtra continue to partner with companies to help them achieve efficiencies and reduce their carbon footprint.”