Termination of employee for exposing “weird mind games” supported by the Internet

Members of a popular online forum gave stern advice to a poster who detailed the employer’s response to receiving two weeks’ notice.

In a viral Reddit post posted on r/antiwork, Redditor u/throwitalaway_245 (otherwise referred to as the original poster or OP) explained that they have undergone multiple meetings, and a significantly increased workload since their notice was submitted earlier this week.

Titled, “He gave me two [weeks] Notice and they are horrible…”, the viral post received nearly 8,300 votes and 98 percent of upvotes in the past day.

“I gave my two week notice a few days ago,” the Redditor began. “Since then I have been called to 5 separate meetings.”

And they continued, “It has nothing to do with my resignation or transferring my duties to other parties.” “It was really weird mind games and they’re trying to get me to do more work.”

The original poster wrote that they would start a new job immediately after the past two weeks, and explained that they had hoped for a painless transition between employers, but were deeply disappointed.

u/throwitalaway_245 wrote “I didn’t give myself any time between the two jobs, so I was hoping for a comfortable end to this job so I’m ready for the next one”.

Reddit two weeks notice
Commenters on a viral Reddit post defended an employee who said he had been mistreated by his employer since his two-week notice was delivered.
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“I’m starting to think they’re going to make that impossible,” they added, speculating about the intentions of their current employer.

Although giving an employer at least two weeks’ notice before quitting smoking has long been the norm, there are no federal or state laws that require employees to give any notice at all.

However, most nations have adopted forms of the doctrine of the will, according to Crohn. The will doctrine, which gives employers the right to terminate an employee’s service without cause or reason (there are exceptions to the will doctrine, including race, gender, and age), and also allows employees to leave their jobs at any time.

Although there are no federal or state laws that mandate mandatory notice periods, many employers feature policies that require employees to provide advance notice of resignation.

Although employers are largely unable to prevent employees from resigning without giving notice, Chron notes that these types of policies allow companies to penalize freelance employees by refusing to pay accumulated vacation time, and withholding other benefits that have accrued over a period of time. recruitment.

In their groundbreaking Reddit post, u/throwitalaway_245 explained that their employer used a different strategy to punish them, despite following protocols and giving two weeks’ notice, leading them to ask the 1.8 million members of r/antiwork if they should cut ties now, rather than at waiting for him.

The original publisher wondered, “The company doesn’t provide references anyway, so I should just drop my stuff and tell them it’s over.”

In response to the viral post, many Redditors encouraged u/throwitalaway_245 to leave immediately, while others said they should work the last two weeks, but only under specific circumstances.

Redditor u/TroTex15 wrote at the top of the post’s comment, which got over 10,000 votes.

“They don’t know more than that,” u/TroTex15 added.

Another commenter suggested, “You can’t do overtime and leave at normal times.”

Redditor u/0tter99, whose response has received over 1,000 views, assured the original publisher that there was no point in turning around if he couldn’t receive a reference for future work.

“If you can’t get a reference, stop showing up,” they wrote. “I’ve already left.”

Another Redditor added, “If you’re OK with burning that bridge, I’ll tell you turn your face and go.”

In a separate comment, Redditor u/iron_knuckl was adamant that two weeks’ notice is not legally required, and asked the original publisher what the worst consequences he might face if he simply stopped working.

“I definitely don’t feel like you have to do anything during those two weeks,” they commented.

“What are they going to do? They kick you out?” They questioned sarcastically.

NEWSWEEK I contacted throwitalaway_245 for comment.