Space company launches new internet satellite, set to be used in Alaska

Arcturus, Astranis Space Technologies’ first MicroGEO satellite is undergoing vibe testing. (Image credit: Business Wire)

Juneau, Alaska (KINY) – Astranis Space Technologies is preparing to launch its latest satellite into orbit with plans to lease it exclusively to Alaska.

Astranis says the first MicroGEO satellite is ready for launch after successful completion of final testing.

When the satellite enters service later in the year, it will be leased exclusively to Pacific Dataport, Inc.

The company says it will have an immediate impact on bridging the state’s digital divide, and that the MicroGEO satellite is expected to triple the bandwidth currently available to the state.

It also aims to provide true broadband speeds and reliability to consumers at nearly half the cost of current services.

Pacific Dataport CEO Chuck Schuman says they hear from people who live every day in very secluded places in the state telling them how hungry they are for fast, reliable broadband internet.

“Complete and widespread coverage of Alaska has been our primary mission from the start and Astranis helps us achieve that,” Schumann said.

Arcturus, the first MicroGEO satellite from Astranis Space Technologies to test deployment of the final solar array.

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