Oxio reinvents your internet bill with transparent pricing

This story is sponsored by Oxio.

From staying in touch with your grandmother and learning how to bake a sourdough loaf to relaxing with a round of Wordle, the internet makes it all possible. Without a reliable and trustworthy connection in your home, you simply won’t have endless information and entertainment at your fingertips.

The Internet has become a necessity for life itself, and a basic need for productivity and growth. For this reason, Internet Service Providers (ISPs) have realized that they can get away with getting killed — in the form of ridiculously expensive plans and boring customer service.

But fortunately, the number one digital internet service provider ever is disrupting the industry by offering Canadians stress-free and reliable internet options.

With transparent plans and upcoming support, Oxio is reinventing the ever-turbulent relationships most people have with their providers. The company replaces the big communication bullshit we’re accustomed to with transparency and interactions that leave you feeling warm and mysterious inside.

“Big telecom bullshit involves making people feel like a number and that’s pretty inhumane. A lot of ISPs in Canada don’t treat customers like customers do,” says Marc-André Campagna, CEO and co-founder of Oxio. We try to educate people about the industry while providing equal access to the opportunities that the Internet offers.”

Campagna discovered the importance of internet access at a young age. He grew up in Baie-Comeau, a small town in Québec, he spent a lot of time browsing the internet and actually communicating with others. The internet gave him the opportunity to learn, explore, and discover his passion for technology.

“The Internet connects people and when this happens, they are able to learn together and do a lot of really amazing and unexpected things. We believe that everyone should be able to afford Wi-Fi because it is a basic global need,” he says. “We feel that the Internet is big equalizer in society, which is why we want to provide it to as many people as possible.”

To demystify the Canadian telecom industry, Oxio offers complete transparency into every aspect of its business. The digital ISP shows customers exactly what they’re paying for by breaking down the pricing for each plan on their website. This includes network, logistics, hardware, marketing, profits, and even payroll.

“Transparency at Oxio is as deep as sharing the salaries of our team members internally,” he reveals. “We are a long way down the transparency rabbit hole and we have ambitions to become the most transparent company in the world.”

Everyone in the Oxio ecosystem is treated with respect, including employees, suppliers, and customers. Furthermore, their support team does not shy away from a major gesture when it comes to ensuring friendly and helpful service for Oxio members.

“I once drove around Quebec City to deliver 25 boxes of equipment that were due to arrive too late if we had sent them via Canada Post,” shares Audrey, Oxio’s head of people. “It took a whole day and the customers were so shocked that we were going to great lengths. But it was important to us that they all got their equipment on time.”

Campagna is confident that the first step towards equal access is to empower people through knowledge.

“We want to change the way people think about the Internet and we do so by sharing everything we know about the industry. From educating customers about how networks are built and where the money comes from to all the intricacies involved in connecting the Internet to your home,” he shares. “Most people sign up for a plan without knowing everything about it. We want to change that by being as transparent as possible and making sure we are ready to answer our customers’ questions.”

As internet needs vary from customer to customer, Oxio offers many customizable plans at fair and sustainable prices. You also won’t find yourself tied to an unreasonable two-year contract because, quite frankly, they are nightmare fuel.

Oxio promises its customers that if they sign up for the same plan at the same time, they’ll get exactly the same price as everyone else. There are no negotiations and you can see exactly how much your digital ISP earns from each service subscription.

Back in August, Team Oxio realized he was making too much On a 120Mbps plan, so they lowered the price from $65 a month to $63 a month.

“Reducing overly profitable plans and being transparent are two things we do to get our clients money back into their pockets,” Campagna shares. “But ultimately, our mission is to create equal opportunity for everyone who lives in Canada.”

For more information or to say “hello” to the team at Oxio, visit www.oxio.ca.