Nicolas Cage has one question about the internet’s obsession with him: “Why?”

Nicolas Cage is one of the most popular actors on the Internet. From memes about the actor to sales of merchandise printed with his face, Cage is pretty much unavoidable for anyone who spends any time on the internet. He’s definitely a great actor who has produced more than enough great content to ensure a large fan base, but nonetheless, Cage is exceptionally popular on the internet.

Cage recently spoke about his popularity on the Internet in a new interview with The Hollywood Reporter. He admits that he doesn’t quite get it, because he feels there are other actors out there who might deserve all the attention. Cage finds that what really fascinates people is not so much his accomplishments as an actor as the unique facial expressions he has given some of his most prominent characters.

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“The main thing going through my head is, ‘Why?'” “There are a lot of other actors who are a lot more famous than me and don’t have this. Maybe this has something to do with the characters I’ve played and the way the internet picks out the facial expressions I chose to do in the movie because I wanted to break free from the natural. It goes back to silent movie stars, expressiveness.” German, I was trying to be abstract. Nature is a style, and I wanted to be more expressive.”

Cage realizes that he made some very strange faces in some of his films, but notes that each of them fell in line with who he was portraying at the time. The actor never looks forward to creating these expressions without reason to feel that he fits the character and comes with “real emotion”.

In movies like vampire kiss or remove the faceThese characters are larger than life and they all have problems – whether it’s mental illness, drug addiction, or something else. There is an organic drive driving this behaviour, which is why I made the decision to apply myself and do experiments. I can honestly tell you that no matter what I designed, designed, or pronounced, I always made sure there was real emotion behind it.”

Additionally, Cage suggests that the internet’s fascination with these characters probably comes from living vicariously through them. Maybe moviegoers will be able to connect with characters who have been completely unleashed, like remove the faceCastor Troy, because they imagine that they can act in the same way.

“I think the Internet’s response to it, is that they indirectly exploited it, because these characters do things that we all want to do, but are too well behaved to do in our lives. We’re good citizens, but I’m pretty sure we all want to divulge something in between. Now and then — or chanting the alphabet. It’s fun in a way. In the end, it means there’s a connection with the audience, and people get something out of it. That’s positive.”

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Nicholas Cage fans must love the unbearable massive weight of the huge talent


nicolas cage new movie, The unbearable weight of talent, has its premiere at the South by Southwest (SXSW) Film Festival in Austin, Texas. meta Cage imagines Nick Cage, a fictional version of himself, in which the actor is forced to direct various roles in the film in order to save his family. With all references to Cage’s past work, the movie is a celebration of the actor and seems like a must-see for any big Cage fan.

The unbearable weight of talent Directed by Tom Gormican and written by Gormikan and Kevin Eaten. Along with Cage, the film stars Pedro Pascal, Sharon Horgan, Ike Brynholtz, Alessandra Mastronardi, Jacob Scipio, Neil Patrick Harris, and Tiffany Haddish. After its premiere at SXSW on March 12, it will have a wide release on April 22, 2022.

Nicolas Cage promises he will never retire from acting

Nicolas Cage promises he will never retire from acting

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