Mom’s ‘sick’ step on internet-obsessed kids

A mom has been praised for teaching her kids a lesson in a very unique way – taking the WiFi box for a family day out after her internet-obsessed kids shun her.

Lucy Brazier, 41, from Pembroke, UK, spent her day tackling the Sky modem for a day of rock climbing, indoor ball pits and some good old fashion sun last week.

She had planned a family day out at Manor Wildlife Park, Tenby, with children Tiana, 14, Tristan, 11, and fiancé Mike Newman, 40, but were told they’d rather stay home on their phones.

Eager to teach them a lesson about over-reliance on smartphones, Lucy drives home to cut off WiFi in an attempt to leave them without internet for a few hours.

Lucy and Mike then spent the next three-and-a-half hours treating a worn-out box of Sky for a day of animal-gazing, trekking down slides, and indoor play.

Mom, Lucy Brazier, has a genius way of teaching her internet-dependent kids a lesson. Source: Jam Press

“It was childish on our part, but very satisfying to be honest,” Lucy, who runs Mye-Motion baby care, told Jam Press.

“We had a lovely afternoon and laughed taking pictures and videos.

“Bonus was when we got home, it was clear the kids were desperate to get their precious Wi-Fi back and really started their housework.”

She said her children kept doing their homework until they finished the “back chat.”

“We actually saved money because the WIFI modem didn’t order snacks every 20 minutes,” she added.

“I was about to pick them up from their father on a trip abroad but they were refusing to come.

“They focused too much on their phones because it was an issue while vacationing in Lanzarote.”

Dads react to mom’s ‘cool’ plan

Lucy added that she took a WiFi modem to teach the kids a lesson and a few parents asked them what they do while outing.

“But when we told them, he was always met with laughter. Someone said it was a genius parenting,” she said.

“I obviously missed the kids all afternoon because I know they would have enjoyed themselves if they had come in addition to the much-needed fresh air, exercise and vitamin D.

“But I think the point has been made.”

Lucy posted the adventures on Facebook where she got nearly 13,000 likes and many praised her pettiness.

“The CBA kids do just about anything today – despite the sunshine and it being a nice day, so we took our WIFI modem for a day outside,” she said on Facebook.

“I know its totally childish but it’s very satisfying and they did all their work to get it back as a result.”

Lucy Brazier took her WiFi modem with her for a day out, leaving the kids behind to do the chores.  Source: Jam Press

Lucy Brazier took her WiFi modem with her for a day out, leaving the kids behind to do the chores. Source: Jam Press

One Facebook user said, “It’s good to see the router being handled for a day for a change. They are doing so much for us, and it’s nice to give back.”

Someone else joked that other WiFi modems now wanted to be adopted, and many agreed that the move was cool and hilarious.

One said, “This is the next level of parental extortion, you should have a little bag to carry around.”

But some people have criticized the unusual punishment, with one person saying on Facebook that Lucy is punishing her children for wanting a “recharge day”.

Lucy says she is now considering starting an online movement to combat technology-dependent teens.

“Other parents should load themselves with their WIFI modem on their outing days to show lazy and tech-addicted kids what they’re missing out on!” She said.

“Our kids need to get out like we did when we were kids!

“I was rarely at home when I was a kid.

“I’ve always had adventures with friends, and a sedentary lifestyle and gaming addiction have been very detrimental to the health and well-being of our future generations!”

-Astralscope / Jam Press

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