Luke Heggy: Top 10 Funniest Things I’ve Seen (Online) | civilization

I never officially recognized it on the internet. I was walking around when he came out. I’ve been a bit behind since then; I still have a Hotmail account.

I now spend most of my time online watching other people’s grilling techniques or watching videos and articles about people doing battles on planes. The following things may have already passed through your desk because they are outdated. I dont care. There is a re-watch value.

1. George W. Bush Goes to Africa

Honestly, some nights I can still think of who was screaming at the end of this video. The only explanation I can come up with is that Laura was standing next to the press conference and they had an earlier argument about whether the park they went to was in Namibia or Botswana.

2. Ronnie Pickering

What begins as a quagmire of rage on the road ends up being a fascinating insight into the psyche of an angry man. Classic “Do you know who I am?!”. The highlight is 1:48. Grandfather of Five Rooney found fame from this and continued to punch to the floor outside a pub in Hull a few short years later.

3. Gay wedding questions

This one from Key and Peele is one of the funniest things I’ve seen. They have labeled a lot of details in a very short drawing. I watched it pile up. Skittles.

4. Shane Warren mural

The late great Warney was incredibly commissioned to paint a portrait of himself in the pool party scene alongside some of his peers: Muhammad Ali, Frank Sinatra, Marilyn Monroe, JFK, Mick Jagger, and Boss, to name a few. Its brief description keeps you on the edge of your seat, and it gets cut short, which makes me as a viewer want more.

5. Ron Moss plays frisbee

Most of you know Ron Moss as the flawless character with the professional 1,000-yard stare: Ridge Forester from The Bold and the Beautiful. But he was also versatile enough to play secret agent Roddy Abilene alongside four Playboy buddies in the 1987 movie Hard Ticket to Hawaii. The frisbee scene is worth the squeeze.

6. John Howard Bowling

Often, after a hard day, I need my help. When that’s the case, I go to my bookmarked video of Little Johnny Bowling in Pakistan. I like to think that when he tried to become the vice president of the ICC, this was the video that swung the vote against him. Snails are heated.

7. Malibu Gladiator

I’ve never seen a frame of wrestlers, even the critically acclaimed Australian version. This section, however, features One of the coolest men I’ve ever seen explains how he fused after an accident in front of the camera – beyond the confines of conventional medicine.

8. Bottle

I assumed a couple of the suggestions I made had been vetted due to libel risks – so I sent a backup: a sketch series on Instagram (and I think TikTok) by comedians from Sydney Cam Knight and Luke Hegge. Cam does all the shooting, directing, editing, and half of the writing. I attended.

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9. Mal Mininga

The original video is hard to find, so these days I have to accept Bert Newton’s nostalgic comment. In 2001, long after pushing Big’s money toward the trying lines, smashing hapless cockroaches out of his way with a plaster cast, he lived out the shortest and most honest political career ever.

10. Fenton

I know I’m supposed to know things that aren’t common and common enough for tens of millions of people to watch, but any dog ​​owner (except for those who have those boring little dogs who always do what they’re told) knows what this guy feels like. Go Fenton.

  • Luke Heggie is touring Australia starting March 8 with his new show, Your Stupid, including at Melbourne International Comedy Festival and Sydney Comedy Festival. He also co-hosted a podcast titled Mid Flight Brawl with Nick J Cody