Life-size children’s toy city sparks Internet curiosity with clip: “That’s cool”

The dream girl lives with her own play town, and the internet is equal parts curious and jealous.

A caption on TikTok highlighting the playspace read, “Can you guess who the favorite family is? #grandchild #babiesoftiktok #playtown #thisiswhatdreamsaremadeof.”

The viral clip shared by the baby’s mother has been viewed 16.8 million times and liked 3.3 million times since it was posted on March 15. The short, 14-second video shared by TikTokerhannahshanae, or Hannah, was accompanied by music as a camera choreographed along a small play town that fits into one room.

“Tell me you are the first grandchild without telling me you are the first,” the screen read in a text overlay that was also said aloud.

According to, the average cost of raising a child up to age 17 is $233,610 based on data from the Expenditure on Children by Families Report from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). Meanwhile, new research from AARP reports that grandparents spend about $2,562 annually on their grandchildren, which amounts to $179 billion annually.

The play city was connected to separate areas for children to play in. The playroom is set up for a toddler, and the video begins with a look at a tiny house all the way to the left. It had windows and even a number like a real house. Inside, small furniture can be seen as well as a fake grill outside. Next to the house there was an imaginary hospital and along there was a store.

Next to the boutique was a grocery store where the child would play at checkout. There were fake fruits in small baskets as well as an open banner. Next to the supermarket was the school area, which was full of hanging backpacks.

There was even a dinner with an outdoor dining area with a small white fence surrounding it. Before concluding, the video showed the child playing at the grocery store.

Life-size children’s toy city sparks internet curiosity for viral TikTok. Above, a baby girl is wearing a hat.
romodinka / Getty

In a separate video update asking TikToker for a tour, the creator committed to it. Starting from the other side of town, the video gives a more comprehensive look at every detail of the space, including within each small area.

The diner had a kitchen set up where the little kid in the second video played. There were shelves and other toys as well. Then, the school had plenty of books on the shelves as well as a desk and chairs accompanied by wall posters.

The grocery store included a small cart and boxes of play food to use at the registry. While the boutique featured dresses in different colors and shelves complete with vanity. Inside the hospital, dolls were laid out like patients on several beds.

Finally, the last space, which was a typical house, had chairs and toy cleaning products as well as shelves and decor inside.

More than 26,000 comments responded to the original video featuring City of Play, and people were impressed.

Some admitted to being jealous of the child’s play area. “Am I jealous of… a child?” Ask tiktoker.

Comments of appreciation were everywhere on the space. “Wow, that’s amazing!” One viewer wrote. “So much love in that.” The creator replied, “You have no idea!”

Others had jokes about the situation. One TikToker user wrote: “When you are born into a pandemic and can’t go out in public, they build your own one.”

Some people had comments like, “This was my childhood dream” and “I’m 29, and I want this.”

People liked the details of Play City a lot. “This looks like a children’s museum!” Viewer indicated.

Another thinks the town is “every little kid’s dream,” adding, “It’s done so beautifully!”

TikToker believes that the child will have “years of fun” in the play area. “Very cool, and she’s already shopping.”

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