Judges ban some suspects in Capitol riots from the Internet

WASHINGTON — Beverly Hills esthetician and lash stylist Gina Bisignano has been so present on social media that the federal criminal complaint against her has practically written itself off.

The story of a 52-year-old salon owner who charted a dark path for disinformation to the US Capitol on Jan. 6, where she allegedly snatched a horn and urged rioters to take up arms, backed up by one social media post after another. Included in the file of the Ministry of Justice.

There Bisignano, wearing a Louis Vuitton sweater, is pictured in front of the Capitol talking about her work and her hometown as the riots began. Here she is again rants about globalization, George Soros and stolen voices. And again, he asked for guns and gas masks moments before a hooligan attacked the officer with what appeared to be a baseball bat.