Internet criticizes ‘lazy’ parents for keeping medical information from children

The Internet came to the defense of someone who discovered their parents had been keeping medical information about them since they were young in a new viral post.

In a post to the popular Reddit forum “AmITheA**hole”, u/Parentsliedthrow3 explained to the community why they are a **hole in their situation.

A Reddit user discussed the issues they are having with sinus growth. They could not taste or smell and were breathing through their mouths. Mucus was also a big problem.

“I was wearing a lot of clothes and bedding because everything got mucus and my clothes too. I laughed a lot at school and that pissed off my teacher. I was very self-conscious and I didn’t have anything to do with friends. My parents always said there was no cure or anything when they took me to the doctor ‘, they wrote.

According to Children’s Health, children don’t begin to develop sinuses in the forehead until they are 9 to 12 years old. It will take some time for them to fully develop until they are diagnosed with a sinus infection.

They explained moving from Nevada to Louisiana to open a job. During their stay there, they had no mucus, taste or smell. Sleeping is no longer a problem.

For the first time in many years they went to see a doctor. There were problems when they lived in the house because their father did not have good insurance. The new doctor retrieved the old medical records and discovered the cause of the OP (original poster) for the sinus and nasal problems. Their parents knew what could stop the problems but they did nothing.

“In my old records, she says many times that dry air hurts the sinuses. The doctor says a less dry climate will relieve them but in addition, there is medication and a moisturizer that will help. He says it over and over.”

When they brought up the matter with their parents, they went crazy, claiming that the information in those records was private.

“My mum said they hadn’t tried the medication because it was too hard to remember giving me the pills. My dad said moving was out of the question because it would remove my sister from her friends and the moisturizer was too much work for my mum.”

The doctor said the medical information would have been helpful, so when they get older they can take care of the medications themselves. Their sister also left a bunch of calls and texts yelling at them for “insulting their medical records.” Each reditor medication was too much for them.

Redditors were quick to defend the OP in the comments section.

“NTA…Yes, these records were private – but they weren’t yours! These are your records! Your parents were so careless, and they were terrible. I’m so glad you can live your new life in a place that’s healthy for you,” u wrote/ tinyredbird in viral commentary with 16,700 upvotes.

U/bourbonmakesmehappy said, “Obviously being a parent was taking a lot of work for them too. That’s negligence, plain and simple.

u/Majestic-Dance-1196 wrote in responses to the comment above: “I treat my houseplants better than OP’s by their parents.”

“I’ll be LIVID. They won’t even get a blood humidifier is outright negligence and anyone angry about you having access to your medical records is crazy,” said u/DutchWinchester86.

U/odanu commented, “NTA: Your parents’ responsibility to you as a child was to meet your needs, which includes your medical needs. And to claim that *you should keep your medical records* about you* is just bulls**t. I’m sorry they put your sister’s comfort and your sister’s comfort on your health .You deserved better.”

One Reddit user took his story to the infamous “AmITheA**hole” forum, where they explained how their parents are angry at them for “snooping” on a user’s medical record.
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