Internet backs woman who told mom her grandson isn’t her ‘baby’

The Internet is rallying around a woman to fully support her plight after telling her mother that her baby is not her “baby boy”.

The Reddit post, shared on the “Am I The A** hole” subreddit, titled “AITA to Tell Mom ‘My Baby You Don’t Have to Do on an Baby'” has been voted 9,600 times since being shared on March 5th.

The situation was narrated by Sh/Mehr 1969, a 26-year-old woman and a 50-year-old mother. The two were “fighting over who’s role when it comes to raising” the original poster’s (OP) son, who is 5.

The woman lives with her mother, and when the OP was three years old, the Department of Human Services took her and her brother away from their mother, who did not regain custody until she was 15. Offered up for adoption before the baby was born.

In a comment, the Redditor revealed that she had to get back together with her mother because of the attorney’s fees. However, she said she’s the one paying for the food, the mortgage, utilities, and other things, which is why she can’t go out yet.

According to Statista, as of 2021, 3.08 million children lived in a home that included a grandmother and grandfather. Approximately 3.724 million children lived with a grandmother at home as of the same year.

The Redditor continued, “Fast to now, my son is in the midst of a tug of war between me and my mom. She buys tickets to concerts and events to go with my son and she never told me until a day. I wasn’t invited to go either. She’ll go over everything I say and don’t care about my paternity choices.” She insists that he is only allowed to watch cartoons and movies in the ’90s.”

The Internet supports a woman who told her mother that her grandson is not her “baby”. Here, a mother and her daughter are in conflict with each other.
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The OP reported that she was “cut” when her mother tried to take her son’s Minecraft jacket and throw it away. She allegedly said her mother said, “It’s rubbish, and my child will not be caught wearing it.”

The Redditor responded by yelling, “My child is not your baby boy. He’s allowed him to love what he wants out of his own contract. Stop trying to reclaim parenting time with your grandson. You had three chances to raise a child but I didn’t quite step up. Now start acting like your grandmother and not As a mother before I move across the country and treat you like a holiday relative.”

People were fully supportive of Reddator’s predicament with her mother over her son. Although not everyone agrees, most believe that the OP is not the **hole** in the situation.

One comment received over 13,000 upvotes of its own, and the Redditor doesn’t think the OP is wrong. They urge the woman to distance herself from her mother.

“If you have to move across the country and treat you like a holiday relative, do it,” they added. “Your son is 5 years old now. If you can’t control this situation soon, you will lose control of his behavior and all the fun things involved.”

Another Redditor didn’t think the OP was wrong. However, she needed to set some limits according to the user, and also tell her to limit trips with her son and grandmother.

“You want to spend quality times with your child too,” the user added. “Don’t just do the hard fissure. Sure, it’s not good to mention your mother’s past. But it’s also not good to have this past lived by a careless father. So, you get full clearance to say what you want and set boundaries.”

Another person thinks Grandma has “unhealthy and distorted thoughts about her relationships, both with you and your child. I’d like to end any unsupervised visits and limit supervised visits until Mom does some intensive therapy.”

One Redditor thought the OP needed to keep her son away from her mother. “It causes a lot of damage,” they added. “Imagine what you’d say to him when they’re alone. Oh my God.”

Another user thought the boy liked the jacket he was wearing, and his grandmother called it “trash,” which they thought was “rotten.”

“It’s his grandmother, why don’t you accept that?” They explained. “Grandparents give you ice cream before dinner when you spend the night at their house, they don’t take their grandchildren to concerts at the last minute without permission.”

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