Internet backs teen who canceled sister’s party after she was stolen from her

A woman went viral after revealing on the popular Reddit forum “Am I The A** hole” that she spent the money she was planning to use at her sister’s birthday party to buy back an iPad that her sister had stolen and then lost on the train, and redditors are huddling behind her.

One user commented, “Withdrawing money from your sister’s birthday party to replace your iPad is totally appropriate.” “Based on your parents’ behavior, your sister badly needs these natural consequences or else you will continue to be empowered.”

The anonymous teen, who uses the username u/AdVisible887 only, posted the post titled “AITA To Take Money I Own For My Sister’s Party So I Can Trade In The iPad I Stolen?” It received more than 13,800 upvotes and 1,500 comments.

In the post, the 17-year-old explained that her 15-year-old sister has a habit of taking things that don’t belong to her. She said their father talked to her about going to her sister’s bedroom and taking things, making her pay for things she lost but her sister not listening.

According to Healthline, it’s not uncommon for young children to steal without understanding the consequences. Older children who steal tend to do so as a way to show off to friends or to display intelligence.

But when this action becomes persistent, the individual may be experiencing kleptomania, or the sudden impulse to steal things.

The American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry recommends that adults intervene if the behavior continues to ensure that the child or adolescent does not have developmental behavioral problems or kleptomania.

In the post that has now gone viral, the teen explained that her mom always takes her younger sister’s side and makes excuses for her. She also wrote that her father, tired of the theft, bought her a small safe to keep her important things like jewelry and gifts she had received from her boyfriend Caleb, 19.

She said Caleb often buys her things but that most of them have been stolen by her sister.

“The most precious gift I have for her.” [sic] It’s a professional iPad he gave me for my 17th birthday on February 14, “I love drawing, my hobby, my expression and how I relax.”

She wrote that Caleb also drew a custom iPad case and that when she’s not at home, she leaves the iPad locked in the safe.

“I spent two days in my brother’s apartment (21 million) planning my little sister’s birthday party, and when I came back I went to take my iPad to sketch some ideas, but I just found the case,” the post read. “I thought I left [sic] Elsewhere but I was pretty sure I didn’t, and I also never took the case because that’s my favorite thing.”

She explained that she couldn’t find the iPad even after she searched around the house and made sure she didn’t leave it at Caleb’s house.

“When my family came back, I was crying so hard in the kitchen. My dad asked what happened and I told her I couldn’t find my iPad,” the post read. “Your sister lost her on the train yesterday,” my mother said very lazily.

The teen’s mother explained that her sister had taken the iPad to school and lost it but had to “let it go” because “accidents happen”. The teen wrote that she was “angry” and told her parents that her sister had somehow opened her safe and stole the tablet.

“My mother asked me to shut up and not accuse my sister of stealing [sic] Again, “Teenage Books.” My dad got involved and after a lot of fighting he said my sister should give me the money back, my sister just said she doesn’t have the money and tried to go to her room. “

The teen proceeded to tell her sister that she would take the money she had for her birthday party and save it for another iPad.

“She came right up to me and told me I couldn’t do it, my mom stood with her and demanded the money but I said ‘No, she owes me. I have to keep it “and ran to my room,” the teen wrote.

She said her father allowed her to buy another iPad and that her older brother transferred the money to her.

“My sister was crying because she just lost her beautiful 16th party and says the tablet is priced much less,” the post read.

A teen went viral after revealing that she used her sweet sister’s number 16 money to buy back an iPad after it was stolen by her sister.
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In several updates to the post, the teen explained that her older brother came to talk to their parents about the theft and admitted that their sister was also stealing from him when she went to his house.

In the update, the teen said her sister claimed she couldn’t help her and that she acted before she thought. The sister also admitted to stealing the iPad and said that she had no intention of harming anyone but just wanted to bring it to school to show off.

The sister also went to her room and came out with “a bunch of things” from her, their brother, cousins, friends, and even one of Caleb’s episodes.

“We don’t know how she did all this and she refuses to give this information, nor does she tell me how she broke into my safe. My parents talk outside alone and my dad let Caleb spend the night with me here.”

More than 1,500 users commented on the teen’s post, many of them calling for her younger sister’s inappropriate behavior and their mother to empower her.

One user suggested “Keep the money. Get a new iPad. Change the code in the safe and don’t tell anyone”.

One user wrote: “Her sister suffers from kleptomania or whatever stems from impulsive theft, but seems a bit premeditated with her actions.” ‘Very disturbing, especially when her mother empowers her so much’

NEWSWEEK u/AdVisible887 has been accessed for comment.