Frost & Sullivan honors Eurotech for providing high-quality Internet of Things (IoT) solutions that enhance productivity and integrate seamlessly with third-party applications

Eurotech is at the forefront of the edge computing market, with high-performance edge computing services and cloud integration.

Saint AnthonyAnd the March 15, 2022 / CNW / – Based on its recent analysis of the global computing market for the Internet of Things, Frost & Sullivan recognize Eurotech With the 2021 Global Leadership Award for Empowering Technologies to deliver cutting-edge IoT solutions that increase corporate productivity and meet real-world business requirements. Eurotech is a leading global provider of edge computing and Internet of Things solutions, covering a wide range of markets, including medical and healthcare, industrial transportation, energy and utilities, and telecommunications.

2021 Global Leadership Award for Enabling Computing Technologies

The company offers multiple tools to integrate the most advanced technologies and provide customers with a competitive advantage through turnkey solutions. Eurotech distinguishes itself strongly in the Industrial Internet of Things market, with a clear focus on integrating Information Technology (IT) and Operations Technology (OT) with a comprehensive portfolio (hardware, software and services) that allows customers and partners to effectively implement, expand and manage IoT, edge computing and artificial intelligence solutions.

“Eurotech has leveraged innovation in hardware and software integration to establish a niche in this highly fragmented market to deliver high-quality solutions to customers across a wide range of vertical markets and applications. By helping existing players bridge the gap between IT and OT, it has established itself as a vital system partner. Ecology in the Internet of Things Dilip Sarangan, vice president of research, Internet of Things and Digital Transformation at Frost & Sullivan. “Its unique ability to provide comprehensive integration services and advanced computing capabilities sets the company apart from competitors in the industrial market.”

He commented, “This very special award from Frost & Sullivan fills us with pride” Robert Andres, Chief Strategy Officer at Eurotech. “It is a much-appreciated recognition and further confirmation of a highly compelling portfolio and market value proposition, with a focus on providing customers and partners with a solid foundation from an IIoT perspective, edge computing and artificial intelligence. It allows our customers and partners to work effectively and securely integrate OT assets with existing cloud and IT infrastructures, It is an essential component of any successful digital transformation journey.”

By enabling open source technologies, customers can seamlessly integrate third-party software into Eurotech solutions, improving their capabilities and customization features. As a result, the company is very flexible in adapting to market changes and offering highly secure solutions to its clients.

In addition, Eurotech has strategic partnerships with global companies, such as Microsoft, Red Hat / IBM, Amazon, Intel, Arm and NVIDIA. These partnerships with industry leaders help Eurotech to continue to innovate and develop distinct and up-to-date solutions to meet unmet market needs.

Sarangan noted, “IT and technology integration is a critical component of any IoT deployment. The fact that Eurotech reduces the complexity of these deployments puts them on a pedestal. Their model of integration is one that other companies are striving to achieve.” “The company is focused on enabling efficient deployment outcomes, addressing challenges such as lifecycle management, security, and software/hardware integration. Efficient integration is achieved at the back end through seamless integration into on-premise IT infrastructures but also native integration with cloud infrastructures. Like AWS IoT and Azure IoT.”

Each year, Frost & Sullivan presents this award to a company that develops pioneering technology that enhances existing products and enables the development of new products and applications. The award recognizes the recipient’s technology’s high market acceptability.

The Frost & Sullivan Best Practice Awards are given to companies in various regional and global markets for demonstrating outstanding achievement and superior performance in leadership, technology innovation, customer service, and strategic product development. Industry analysts compare and measure market participants’ performance through in-depth interviews, analyzes and extensive secondary research to identify best practices in the industry.

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About Eurotech
Eurotech (ETH: IM) is a multinational company that designs, develops and supplies Edge computers and the Internet of Things (IoT) – complete with services, software, and hardware – to system integrators and businesses. By adopting Eurotech solutions, customers can access IoT building blocks and software platforms, to the Edge Gateway to enable asset monitoring and high-end computers (HPEC) also built for artificial intelligence (AI) applications. To offer increasingly comprehensive solutions, Eurotech has partnered with companies leading in its field, with the goal of creating “best in class” solutions for the Industrial Internet of Things. learn more




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