“First Division”: Dinesh Karthik’s commentary wins the Internet on the second day of the World Tennis Championships final

As India face New Zealand in the World Trial Championships (WTC) final in Southampton, an Indian player caught everyone’s attention online despite not playing it. Yes, Dinesh Karthik made his debut as a commentator and took over social media. As Indian fans couldn’t stop talking about him, his name took over the trends on Twitter in India.

After the rain spoiled all the excitement of the first day, Karthik kept fans hooked on the weather updates. And when the players took to the field on Saturday, the audience was left at home deeply moved by his comment. Veteran commentator Harsha Behogel has also won plaudits on the microblogging site.

But what really got fans excited was the moment he skated past fellow commentator Nasir Hussain on the second day of testing. After hitting first, Indian players Rohit Sharma and Chopman Gill put the momentum in despite tough batting conditions. Hussain Sharma was also praised for his technique against the short ball, Karthik stole the show superbly by pulling on Hussain’s legs.

“Rohit is a great drawer for the short ball. He uses his feet well against the spin. Shows positive intent,” Hussain said, joking Karthik: “Yes, the exact opposite of you!”

Fans soon flooded Twitter with memes and tweets in appreciation of his witty comments, urging the ICC to allow him to continue using his microphone.

Here’s how netizens reacted to Karthik’s first comment.