BPW stadiums plan to offer high-speed internet to every home in the Netherlands

The Netherlands – Dutch taxpayers may be asked in August if they will financially support the construction of a city-owned fiber network to bring high-speed internet to every home.

The Holland City Fiber initiative was announced by the Dutch Council on Public Works during a Netherlands City Council meeting Wednesday that was full of big news for the city.

The city also announced that it is receiving two large donations: $1 million to build an ice rink and $5 million for an entertainment center. Both could be built in the next few years.

High-speed internet throughout the Netherlands

The plan of the Public Works Council of the Netherlands, presented on Wednesday, requires residents to support one million people to fund the creation of a high-speed, open-access fiber-optic network across the city.

Private ISPs will be able to use the open access infrastructure to deliver broadband service at up to 10Gbps to residents who connect to the fiber network. The Dutch Public Works Board may also offer its internet service directly to customers, as is already the case in a limited service area in the city center.

Households will choose whether to subscribe and pay for the home-to-fiber connection. The cost estimate submitted to the council for a “drop,” or connection from the citywide network to the home, was $812. The city plans to offer payment plans, such as about $7 per month for 10 years.

City officials said Wednesday that the open access model will encourage competition between internet service providers to offer better rates, and building fiber-optic infrastructure will reduce barriers for new internet service providers to enter the Netherlands market.