AT&T is the fastest major internet provider

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AT&T has become the fastest major internet provider, delivering fiber at up to 5 Gigs

AT&T to bring up to 5 Gigs of identical internet speeds across parts of its footprint; Offers new simple and straightforward pricing

what’s new? AT&T Fiber customers can access it now The Fastest internet1 On The The fastest growing fiber network2 With us New multifunction speeds. As of today, there are approximately 5.2 million customer locations in parts of More than 70 metro areas, such as Los Angeles, Atlanta, and Dallas, will be able to take advantage of symmetric 2-Gig and 5-Gig speed levels.

And that’s just the beginning: AT&T will continue to offer multifunctional technology across our existing fiber footprint throughout 2022 and as part of our future expansion efforts to Covering 30 million customer locations by the end of 2025.

Also starting today, we will start working direct pricing Via our AT&T Fiber group. For new customers, this means no equipment fees, no annual contract, no data caps and no price increases in 12 months – just the fastest internet, plus AT&T ActiveArmor SM Internet security, next-generation Wi-Fi and HBO Max are included in our top speed plans – at no additional cost.

Another thing we don’t stress about is speed. We have achieved speeds of up to 10G in our labs.

AT&T Fiber, now at Hyper-Gig speeds, is truly an internet that upgrades everything.

What do people say?

“As we set out to become America’s top connectivity provider, we are doubling the use of fiber in our broadband infrastructure,” Jeff McElfrish, CEO of AT&T Communications, said:. “With multifunctional speeds, and consistent upload and download, AT&T Fiber will redefine how we experience the Internet and drive innovation, from education to business to entertainment.”

“The pandemic has dramatically changed how consumers and businesses use the internet and what is required of a broadband provider,” said Roger Entner, Founder and Principal Analyst for Recon Analytics. “Faster is better – but reliability is better. AT&T has shown it has both with AT&T Fiber.”

What is Multi-gig and why is it useful?

According to a recent AT&T survey commissioned by Recon Analytics, 6 out of 10 consumers bought a new connected device in the last year.3 The average consumer has 13 connected devices in their home and that’s expected to double. Plus – half of the workers now have a choice Long-term remote work Which means video conferencing for hours is here to stay.3 Consumers and small businesses consume more data than ever before, and we expect data consumption to continue to increase from megabytes to terabytes.

Multifunctional speeds are equipped for these increased demands and will provide more bandwidth for your households and small businesses to run multiple connected devices simultaneously. Similar to highways with many high-speed lanes, Multifunctional speeds open up pathways for multiple connected devices to run at their full speed.

AT&T Fiber 2 GIG: $110/month + taxes4; AT&T Business Fiber 2 GIG: $225 per month + taxes

  • Designed for strongly interconnected homes or small businesses, 2-Gig is designed for customers with equal upload and download speeds and a strong, reliable connection. By being able to support dozens of connected devices operating at the fastest possible speeds today, customers can better avoid performance gaps to meet the evolving demands of business and entertainment.

AT&T Fiber 5 GIG: $180 per month + taxes4; AT&T Business Fiber 5 GIG: $395 per month + taxes

  • This is the internet changing the rules of the game! With unprecedented speeds and the ability to support dozens of connected devices, 5-Gig will allow customers to create, interact, and connect at full speed. And with our extreme upload and download speeds, 5-Gig customers can work, live, and play with more bandwidth than ever before.

Plus – our multifunctional speed levels include the next generation of Wi-Fi technology5 Able to provide maximum speed and connectivity. The – HBO Max6 and AT&T ActiveArmorSM Internet security is included at no additional charge to keep you entertained and safe from cyber security threats.

What about the digital divide? AT&T is committed to connecting more Americans to reliable, high-speed broadband Internet in a number of ways, including expanding and modernizing our network and participating in the federal Affordable Connection Program (ACP). ACP offers eligible families an advantage of up to $30 per month and up to $75 on eligible tribal lands to reduce the cost of broadband service, including new multifunctional speed levels, which will become eligible for benefit in the coming weeks.

We are addressing the digital divide in education through the AT&T Connected Learning Initiative, which focuses on investing in connectivity, technology, digital literacy and education solutions to help today’s learners succeed in and out of the classroom. This includes the opening of more than 20 AT&T Connected Learning Centers across the country, all with free AT&T high-speed Internet access and Wi-Fi.

Why fiber? There is a significant difference in the architectural nature of the fiber compared to cable. Cable is designed to provide television content to families, while fiber optics are specifically designed to provide high-speed internet. Fiber allows high-capacity tasks, such as loading large documents during video calls and gaming, to stream smoothly, even during high usage times.

We also keep businesses connected to more than 675,000 AT&T fiber-lit US commercial buildings, Enable high-speed fiber connections to over 2.75 million locations for business customers in the US. Nationwide, there are more than 9.5 million commercial customer locations within 1,000 feet of our fiber.7

How can i get it? For more information or to check availability of all speed levels at AT&T Fiber, visit For more information about the multifunctional levels, visit later today.

How does this fit into our communication strategy? Our launch of multifunctional fiber It’s all part of our mission to be America’s best communication provider, whether you’re at home, at work, or on the go. We do this by combining the most reliable 5G network,8 With the country’s fastest growing fiber network,9 So you get an almost seamless experience from one source – AT&T. Being the best communication provider also means serving the critical mission of American first responders. FirstNet ®, built with AT&T, is the only purpose-built nationwide broadband wireless communications platform dedicated to the public safety community.

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