Bombs and hackers attack Internet providers in Ukraine. ‘Hidden heroes’ are risking their lives to keep their country online

They fix the internet at It bombed buildings, found rogue operators providing the Russians with mobile communications and thwarted the intruders. Ukrainian carriers and their employees are hailed as heroes in the war with Russia. On the tense streets of Kyiv, under the shelled streets of Kharkiv, in the rubble-strewn ruins of Moripol, in shelters … Read more

Log4j: A dangerous bug put the entire Internet at risk

A flaw in a commonly used piece of software has left millions of web servers vulnerable to exploitation by hackers Technique December 13, 2021 by Matthew Sparks Hackers can use Log4j error to access secure data shutterstock/tami 54 A major security vulnerability has been discovered in a program called Log4j, which is used by millions … Read more

Why do phones and internet in Ukraine still work – POLITICO

Click play to listen to this article Cyber ​​security experts have predicted that Russian forces will wipe out at least some Ukrainian phone lines and internet services as part of a ground invasion. It didn’t – although Russia appears to be suffering because of it. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky addresses Ukrainians on his Telegram account. … Read more