How to resell technology, household goods, clothing, and appliances

Clearing your home of that coat you haven’t worn in years, those books you’ll never read, or a food processor that’s still in the box can be an easy experience. But it can also result in a bag of odd and final things and one new spot on your to-do list that reads “selling things.” … Read more

California expands taxes on phones to fund high-speed internet | California news

By Adam Beam, The Associated Press Sacramento, California (AP) – Californians could get higher cell phone bills after Gov. Gavin Newsom signed two laws Friday aimed at giving the state more money to build high-speed internet connections in unserved areas. California is one of 41 states that collect a tax on phone bills and use … Read more

It is possible that your Apple phone is trapped

Anyone who owns an Apple device understands. When that device, so precious and lovable at first, fails, or breaks, you know you’re going to keep going for a grueling few days if not weeks, depending on where you live. First, you might try to figure out how to fix it yourself using YouTube. When that … Read more

How to find the best replacement deals for your old iPhone or Android phone

That unused phone in your desk drawer doesn’t just collect dust. They also lose value quickly – hundreds of dollars in cash that you can put in your pocket by trading or selling them online. You probably have one or two old, unused devices that you’ve forgotten about. Once you upgrade to a newer model, … Read more

Your guide to laptops, Chromebooks, and gaming PCs

Shopping for a new computer requires reading and dealing with a lot of jargon. From different types of processors to knowing the difference between memory and storage – there is a lot of information. But the process doesn’t have to be intimidating. Arguably, we’ve never had so many worthwhile options for a laptop or desktop. … Read more