Eric Adams Considers Using the Drone Army to Fight NYC Crime: Sources

Mayor Eric Adams is studying a small army of drones to fight rising crime in the Big Apple — possibly deploying high-flying Robocops from rooftops as vigilant guardians of Gotham, sources told The Post. Tel Aviv-based Blue White Robotics and Brooklyn’s Easy Ariel were two drone manufacturers that appeared earlier this month at a Chamber … Read more

Why did an MS-13 gang member lure teens on Long Island to kill them: prosecutors

The four victims killed in an infamous MS-13 gang ambush were “just high school kids” who were “trying to look tough” by flashing gang signs, feds said at Monday’s trial of a Long Island suspect named “Little Devil.” . Defendant Linez “Diablita” Escobar, 22, allegedly reported the notoriously vicious gang a “profound sign of disrespect” … Read more

Miserable life inside New York City’s broken shelter system

Cockroaches in food and mice crawling on beds. Constant assaults and thefts. Shelters are like dungeons. This is what life is like inside three big Big Apple homeless shelters and why many destitute residents say they’d rather take their chances on the street to get into a system they say is broken. “I used to … Read more