Amazon intensifies competition with SpaceX, vying for Internet dominance in space

font size The space represents a small slice of business for Amazon, which is worth a trillion dollars. Here, Amazon offices near Turin, Italy. Stefano Guidi / Getty Images It is said to be making plans to launch thousands of small satellites capable of sending high-speed internet service to Earth – an initiative that … Read more

China’s internet stocks look cheap but regulators may not be finished yet

font size Digital sign for Hong Kong stock market information. More regulations imposed on Chinese internet companies may constrain their growth prospects. Isaac Lawrence/AFP via Getty Images Concern about more Chinese regulations that could constrain corporate growth prospects is hovering over Chinese internet stocks — and provides reason for continued caution for bargain hunters. China’s … Read more

In the winner take every form online program, we end up as losers

The Internet’s one-winner model that controls everything from supply chains to payment systems creates fragile monopolistic ecosystems that can harm society. Lobbyists may perpetuate this model for short-term gain. But it does harm the economy and ecosystem of suppliers, sellers, and even retail investors by hurting markets and reducing points of failure to a few … Read more

Meesho: A Bengaluru startup that democratized online commerce | Bengaluru

what do you prefer? Do you shop online from the comfort of your home or buy in-store? Most of you will find the first option more attractive, given the popularity of e-commerce platforms. Now, which would you prefer, creating your own physical store or selling it online? It’s hard. Most of the individuals want to … Read more