How can we make the Internet more sustainable?

4.6 billion people use the internet every day. Internet servers require a huge amount of energy in order to function. Renewable energy could be the key to achieving Internet sustainability. About 4.6 billion people use the Internet every day. In fact, 350,000 tweets were sent in the last minute. We tend to think of the … Read more

What is the Internet of Things – Explain

From fitness trackers to smart heating systems, the Internet of Things (IoT) describes the growing network of Internet-enabled devices. They are also enabling smart cities and, in the future, self-driving cars. Along with other emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things is part of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. COVID-19 has accelerated the … Read more

Footprints on the track: How guidance data can reduce the carbon burden of the Internet

• The carbon footprint of the Internet, and thus its contribution to climate change, is likely to grow significantly in the near future. • Carbon emissions from Internet use can be reduced to a fraction if traffic is moved across countries and networks that use low-emission electricity. • SCION’s Internet architecture allows users to identify … Read more

How much does the internet contribute to global emissions?

The sudden rise in video conferencing and live broadcasting has raised concerns about the emissions it generates. An hour of flow in Europe has a carbon footprint equivalent to three times boiling an electric kettle or driving 250 metres. Between February and April last year, at the height of worldwide lockdowns, global internet traffic rose … Read more

The hype around Web3 and how it can change the internet

The dominance of big technology in the use of the Internet and its control over personal data has led to calls for the decentralization of the network. The third iteration of the Internet – Web3 – will be determined by open source technology, using blockchain technology to be untrusted and unauthorized. Web3 is still in … Read more