Woman Mugshot of a Man Who Died on a Facebook Page Watched a Mysterious Murder

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  • Podcast “Am I Dating a Serial Killer?” It tells the true stories of romance that turned abusive and possibly fatal.
  • In the second episode, Dylan says she went on her first date with a guy and later saw a picture of his face on a murder mystery Facebook page.
  • One expert said Dylan came out at the right time.

Young, newly single, and ready to go on as many dates as possible, Dylan saw Zach, a 27-year-old with Tom Cruise looks and an adorable dachshund, on a dating app. She knew she had to swipe right.

Years after their first date, which Dylan said she left early in fear, she saw a picture of Zack on the Facebook page Murder Mystery, in which she said he was arrested for killing a man outside his apartment and then shooting a pistol at a car. highway, injuring at least two people. Dylan shared her story on an episode of the Audible and XG Productions podcast “Am I Dating a Serial Killer?”

Each week, a new guest shares a story from his life dating host Gabe Conte, and an expert discusses the underlying psychological drivers.

Dylan, who has omitted her family name and Zack’s name for privacy reasons, told Conte that she believes her young age and low self-esteem influenced her decision to go on a date, which she said ended with Zack following her on the highway and harassing her for two weeks over a text message.

“Given this topic, I definitely see myself as just plain naive, so it didn’t shock me that I found myself in a bit of a tough spot,” Dylan said in the episode.

Zach pretended to own a dachshund, then said he lied about it a few hours later while they were on their first date

Dylan said she and Zack met for the first date on the same day they matched after only a few hours of texting. She later said, this was her first red flag.

She said they related to pictures he got of him with a Dachshund, the breed of dog she grew up with, and asked her on a date, saying he would bring the dog with him.

According to Dylan, she did not ask Zach to bring his dog. She said, I just showed up. She was puzzled when he showed up without a dog.

“So I asked him, of course,” Dylan said. “And he said, ‘Everyone always wants to bring me to my dog.'” I don’t understand.” She added that she found Zach’s comment manipulative because he said moments later that the dog in the photos was not his.

Dylan said she saw a picture of Zach’s face on a Facebook page she followed

At the appointment, Zack kept looking at her in a “predatory” manner, Dylan said. When he continued to insist that she leave with him, Dylan lied, saying that she had to leave alone to meet friends. That’s when Zack said he was going to take her to her car.

Dylan said she agreed out of fear. She didn’t want to piss off Zack. “He planted this big kiss on me, just sticking his tongue in my throat,” Dylan said, as soon as they got into her car, adding that it left her speechless and terrified.

After she got away, she said Zach followed her in his car for 10 minutes. For the next two weeks, he texted her, often in the middle of the night, ranting and suggested she used it for his dog.

A few years later, Dylan, a fan of true crimes, saw a picture of Zach on a Facebook Murder and Mystery fan page called Murderino. She said the post alleged that he was arrested for killing a man outside his apartment and shooting a pistol on a highway. Dylan also said that she saw videos of Zach’s arrest on Snapchat, where he appeared to be acting strangely.

Trust your instincts in these situations, says the FBI agent who worked on the Ted Bundy case

On this podcast episode, Jana Munro, a retired FBI special agent of 22 years who worked on the case of notorious serial killer Ted Bundy, focuses on Dylan’s story.

According to Monroe, Dylan took the appropriate action when she trusted her intuition and left the date after feeling uncomfortable. She said giving her phone number to Zack before meeting him first harmed her safety, and she warned others not to do the same.

Monroe said Dylan’s characterization of him reminded her of Bundy. If the rendezvous was too powerful, or if their words and actions didn’t make sense, it could be dangerous, Munro said.

She said Dylan did the right thing when she left 30 minutes later, and suggested all the singles share their location with a trusted friend before a date. Monroe said you can even make up an excuse to check in via text during the appointment.

Most importantly, Monroe said, don’t worry about looking cute and comfy if your gut is sending you warning signals.

“If you’re on a date with someone and you’re getting all these pointers, it’s a good time to walk away and not act politely. You don’t have to get up and cause a scene, but there are ways to redeem yourself, and I think you should at that time,” Munro said.