What’s new in March Madness Live on Apple, Amazon, Android, Xbox and more

March Madness is back, and the team at NCAA Digital has some expanded new features to help you watch games, get news, and play alongside the tournament like never before.

Preview of March Madness Live

Here are some new features for 2022:

Multiplayer: Available on Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Xbox

Use your device to stream two games simultaneously with Multigame. Seamlessly switch between live games during the tournament with March Madness Live as your personal assistant, helping you set up your personalized streaming experience. In addition to watching two matches simultaneously, live scores for the entire tournament will also be present, allowing you to monitor when the game is late switching to a different broadcast.

Multi Game Feature Preview

Picture in Picture: Available on iOS and Android

Finally, you can watch the madness on your device even when you leave the MML app! Now live games will follow you wherever you go with the all-new PiP. No more missing live events, simply swipe the game into PiP mode to continue watching the game while replying to a text or email, or visiting any other apps on your phone.

Preview the picture in the picture

new! Free 24/7 Live Channels: Available on all platforms

Can’t get enough of the tournament? Now you can experience all the excitement, highlights and excitement of the NCAA Championships through four new live channels that are free to all.

Web Channels Preview

Arc TV

Need help making your choices? Curious about what it takes to fill a perfect slice? With BrackeTV, you can learn everything you need to know about how to become a chip expert.

March Madness Updates

Missed some work? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. March Madness Updates will feature 24/7 action highlights, analysis, and more from each of the tournament rounds.

Championship throwback

Experience full-game replays of some of the greatest tournament games ever and re-visit the best games from last year’s tournament as you prepare for the big dance.

one bright moment

“The ball is tilted. And there you are…” One Shining Moment is here to broadcast every shining moment 24/7, so go ahead and experience the joy of the championship again and again.

Don’t miss a moment with the return of Fast Break!: Available on all iOS, iPadOS, Android, Web and Chromecast platforms

Have you ever wished there was a RedZone version of the NCAA Championship? Well, we’ve got you covered with Fast Break, exclusively on March Madness Live. Fast Break features comprehensive coverage of every match in the tournament, all in one channel! Fast Break is available on web, iOS, Android, and Chromecast devices.

Boss button: web

The boss button is back better than ever. Whether it’s a nosy boss checking in or your significant other who needs to use your computer, pretending you’re not watching the big game is easier than ever. Simply click on the new 2022 “Boss Button” or “Boss Button”, use the “Shift-b” hotkey to hide your video and check out the new and improved Boss Button.

Boss button preview

Madness Feed: Available on iOS, iPadOS, Android and Web

Rounds one and two are the most chaotic of the tournament. With Madness Feed, stay up-to-date with all the things that happen during the busiest times of the tournament, all in one place. Show your team spirit and knowledge by participating in surveys and quizzes while getting live updates.

Voice apps are back, now with Alexa’s Daily Briefing

March Madness is back with updated Alexa skills and Action for the Google Assistant. Just like previous years, you can access all of your live radio streams, scores and schedule information, and even set reminders for when games are about to get info from Amazon Alexa. Join journalist Michella Chester for the latest news, updates and analysis with the new daily March Madness on Alexa.

What’s new in NCAA Play

Women’s Arch Challenge

The new Women’s Bracket Challenge in 2022 lets users choose who they think will win each match of the NCAA Division I women’s basketball tournament. Compete in groups with friends and family, or against an extensive leaderboard, then track each selection in real time as you progress tournament. Click here to learn more about how to play.

Bow Challenge game for men

The Men’s Bow Challenge allows users to choose who they think will win each NCAA men’s basketball game. Compete in groups with friends and family, or against an extensive leaderboard, then track every selection in real time as you watch every match live with March Madness Live.

Arch challenge preview

Match Analysis

Use the Match Analysis tool when filling in your bracket to see in-depth comparisons of every possible match in the tournament. You can use our preset criteria, or create your own, choose from over 20 stats and three weights each, then let us check the numbers, telling you who to choose for each March Madness game. Use the tool as a guide, or use it to choose your bracket automatically with just a few clicks.

The road to the championship

Starting with Sweet 16, use the Path to the Championship tool to see exactly what it will take for your bow to win your deck. The tool will detail each game to tell you who you need to win and show you the best scenario for your bow, including what your group’s leaderboard would look like if things went your way.

The way to the tournament preview

Audio and Application Integration

Fill in your bracket on your phone, tablet or computer, then track your choices wherever you are. Sign in to March Madness Live on any device, including connected devices like Roku, Apple TV, or Amazon Fire TV, to keep track of your choices while watching the live stream, and see who you and your party made for each match in the tournament. Or ask Alexa or Google voice assistants about your group’s performance to get real-time updates for all your long courses.

Men’s NCAA starting lineup challenge

Start Lineup Challenge is an all-new March Madness game where fans can compete throughout the entire tournament, long after the arcs are broken. When teams are announced on a specific Sunday, they are assigned a point value for each based on their origin. Players get 1,000 points for choosing five teams before the tournament starts. Teams gain value by winning matches – the better the team wins, the more points they get. If a team loses, it stops earning points for the rest of the tournament.

After the first round, the market opens again. Sell ​​any teams you lose, or any teams you don’t want in your squad in the next round, and the point values ​​from those teams will go straight to your point bank. Then use your points bank to buy any new teams you want before the market closes when the next round starts.

Repeat the process for each round of the tournament. The player with the most points at the end of the round wins the game. Click here to learn more about how to play!