This is the type of smartphone cover most of you use

Rita El Khoury / Android Authority

Smartphone cases come in many different shapes. There are plenty of options to choose from, from hard shells to jelly cans, flip lids to wallet style holders. You can use a smartphone case for companion purposes, to protect your device from damage, or just to have fun with it. Whatever the case may be, we have asked you for your most favorite type of phone case. Here’s how I voted in this poll.

What kind of smartphone case do you use?


We received a total of 1,389 votes in our poll about the types of smartphone cases readers prefer. Among the many, hard/hard cases and gel/TPU cases emerged as the most popular options. However, the former beat the latter by a few percentage points. One way to interpret these results is that people do not trust the durability of their phones, hence the use of toughened cases for more protection.

Elsewhere, many survey respondents use silicone lids making them the third most preferred option. Other types of cases, including leather bags, wallet cases, folio cases, and heart bags didn’t have many recipients.

your comments

Timothy: YTF Carbon Fiber Bags on AliExpress. Best $20 I’ve ever spent. They are 1:1 compared to Latercase or Pitaka at half the price. I’m not sponsored, lol. I’m just saying.

Montisaquadeis: The Pelican/Otterbox Defender style bag is what I usually use for my cell phones.

Seela: Stop using a hard case/PC because it keeps chipping at the back of my phone and causing scratches when phones are usually metal or plastic. I wouldn’t recommend it if you use a phone with either material and want to keep the 9/10 condition after a long time. I noticed it within a month of use when compared to the silicone and TPU cases I tried before. Since my phone became plastic again, I went back to the silicone case. Smooth to the touch, although the heat dissipation isn’t that great.

Phil Gartman: I use a four-lock holster to mount on my bike.

Phil Skadden: The wallet – because that’s all I need right now. He has a driver’s license (required if I drive in my country), a bus card, and some notes for individual occasions that still need cash. I have an S10e but since it’s so hard to get a good little android now I don’t know what I will do when it expires. A wallet case for a large phone would make less sense.

Alpine: Accidental dropper, all my phones and tablets have $10 shells, but the current Moto supports additional “mods” that require a cover that covers the back glass but not the sides. 3000mAh battery mode is often on for active outdoor uses. There are big, clumsy edge-protecting shells but they don’t have one – you might if you start using the Mod permanently.

Avieshek: A soft silicone case with a microfiber cloth lining in which tiny diamond-like dust particles do not accumulate and prevent not only scratches but micro-cuts. Otherwise, Ultra Hybrid Cases from Spigen if you don’t care which was a first for me and is the recommended option for the price.

Second: I’ve learned the hard way that even with extreme caution, accidents will always happen. As a result, I immediately installed a tempered glass screen protector and a heavy-duty phone case when I took a new phone out of the box for the first time. This is done even before the device is turned on and set up for the first time. Protecting my small investment always comes first. The ArmadilloTek and Poetic were my go-to choice for tough cases.

Martin Bullard: TPU case, usually black (which, of course, goes with everything). Mostly to add a bit of heft to the phone and give it some protection, noting that most phones (especially flagship phones) are quite thin and use slippery materials. I’m not usually in situations where I need to use a durable case like the Otterbox, so TPU is good enough for me.

Drone9: Transparent TPU. But also cheaply under $10. To show off the phone’s design and provide essential protection. At the same time, knowing that it will turn yellow over time.