The ex-wife of Missouri’s Republican Senate candidate, Eric Grettens, accuses him of abuse

Court documents revealed on Monday that the ex-wife of former Missouri Governor Eric Grettens, now a leading Republican candidate in the US Senate, accused him of physical abuse of her and their children at the end of their marriage.

Shayna Grettens alleged in court filings that her ex-husband beat her, stole her phone, beat her children and threatened suicide if she didn’t publicly support him during the 2018 sex scandal that led to his resignation as governor.

She made the disturbing allegations publicly for the first time in an affidavit as part of an ongoing child custody dispute with Greitens in Missouri over their two young sons.

“Before our divorce, during an argument in late April 2018, Eric dropped me and confiscated my cell phone, wallet, and keys so I couldn’t call for help or extricate myself and our children from our home,” Chyna claimed in the filing.

“I became fearful for my safety and the safety of our children in our home, which was somewhat isolated, due to Eric’s precarious and forced behaviour,” she added. “This behavior included physical violence towards our children, such as tying our three-year-old son in the face at the dinner table in front of me and pulling him by the hair.”

Eric Grettens and his wife, Chyna
CHINA first made the allegations in an affidavit as part of an ongoing child custody battle with the Greens.

Grettens campaign manager Dylan Johnson dismissed the allegations as “completely false” and “politically motivated”.

“His ex-wife is making one last attempt to destroy her ex-husband in retaliation,” Johnson said in a statement. “Eric has always been a wonderful father, who loves his children and always puts them first, which is why he is applying for full custody of his children.”

Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmidt, a rival of the Green Party Tweet in response In the filing file: “These allegations of violations are disgusting and disgusting. As a Missouri attorney general, I know a predator when I see one, and I’ve fought for victims every step of the way. The behavior described in this affidavit is why Eric Grettens remains in prison, not on the US Senate ballot. He must end his campaign immediately.”

Eric and Shayna Grettens’ relationship fell apart four years ago when he was accused of taking a compromising photo of his hairdresser without her consent when they were in the midst of an affair in 2015.

Eric Grettens
Eric Grettens allegedly threatened his wife to support him during the 2018 sexual assault scandal.

Greitens was indicted for invasion of privacy after the photo, which shows the naked woman, blindfolded and bound, was made public in January 2018. The charge against Greitens – a former US Marine and Rhodes Scholar – was later dropped by prosecutors.

Then a Missouri commission began investigating campaign financing issues, and the Greens faced a second felony charge in St. Louis where they were accused of providing a political fundraiser with a list of donors to the Veterans Association.

In the affidavit, Chyna alleged that her scandal-plagued husband had confessed to her that he had taken a compromising photo of his lover, but warned that she could face legal trouble if she revealed this fact to anyone – even her therapist.

In the lead-up to his resignation as governor in May 2018, Chyna alleged that the Green Party bought a gun but refused to tell her where it was. She also alleged that he threatened to kill “unless I provide specific public political support”.

Eric Grettens
Then-Republican-elected Governor of Missouri, Eric Grettens, speaks with the media alongside his wife Chyna after giving his victory speech on Tuesday, November 8, 2016, in Chesterfield, Mo.

Chyna claimed his behavior had become so disturbing that on three separate occasions in February, April and May 2018, “several non-psychic people were concerned enough to intervene to limit Eric’s access to firearms.”

Chyna alleged that Greitens also threatened her when he was trying to convince her to delete emails she sent to her therapist for help.

“Eric threatened me with child abuse if I didn’t delete the emails and persuaded the handler to delete them,” she wrote in the affidavit, which she also alleged Green’s party scolded her as “abhorrent, disgusting, disgusting, evil…liar b”-h, where He accused her of providing information about him and his scandals to the Public Prosecution and the media.

Chyna further claims that the Greens threatened to use their political connections and influence to destroy their reputation and obtain custody of their children after their divorce was finalized in 2020.

Eric Grettens
Greitens’ campaign manager denied the allegations.

While the Green Party has largely stayed out of the spotlight in the wake of his resignation, that changed when the Missouri Ethics Commission last year acquitted him personally of any wrongdoing—although a probable cause was found that his campaign violated the Campaign Finance Act.

Then, the rising star of the Republican Party announced in March of last year that he would run for the Senate seat that Republican Roy Blunt would vacate.

Chyna attempts to move her custody case to Austin, Texas – where she now lives with her sons – in an effort to spare the children renewed public attention in the wake of Greitens’ attempt at a political comeback.

In her affidavit, she wrote that the Green Party’s return to politics was taxing on her and that the power he would have as a senator was “quite frightening”.

“Now that Eric is a candidate for federal office, the public interest in my life, my relationship with Eric and its breakdown, and the existence of guardianship issues between me and Eric are being brought back and brought back to the central public debate,” Sheena wrote before urging the judge to move the case to where his “area of ​​authority is.” His influence is much less.

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