The 15 Best Smart Home Devices on Amazon in 2022, Per Review

Hey Alexa, what are the best smart tech items to buy on Amazon?

Quick buy tech gadgets are prevalent, especially when it comes to gifts. But, with just one click, they make your space a more modern, elegant and livable place.

From the Amazon devices we all know in love—including the Amazon Echo ($100), Echo Show 15 ($250) and Ring Video Doorbell ($100)—to some of the best smart TVs and tablets, this is the one guide for you’ I’ll need in your back pocket (or rather, bookmark Chrome).

Not to mention, the best in technology isn’t limited to those devices you’ve heard about in every commercial and seen in every Instagram ad. We’ve also rounded up the best kitchen appliances with the smart components we all know and love – LED screens, voice-activated, WiFi compatibility, and business.

Ahead, find the 15 best smart home devices on Amazon that we’ve already rounded up in our wishlists. Happy Prime Shopping!

Here are Amazon’s Choice products or have a great deal of positive reviews.


If you can’t go a day without listening to your favorite playlists on Spotify (or Amazon Music) or listening to your weekly podcast, the Amazon Echo is something you need. Also available in charcoal blue, this smart device is voice-activated and convenient to power the lights or even your coffee maker.

Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K Streaming Device

Ah, the streaming device we all know and love. The revolutionary Fire Stick instantly powers your Smart TV, and it’s covered with all the streaming services you love: Disney+, Hulu, Netflix, Prime Video, and more. Plus, it’s only $30 right now and worth ripping off every TV in your home.

Amazon Fire TV Cube for Streaming, Black

Another streaming device is the best-selling Fire TV Cube, a hands-free option that does the same job as the Fire Stick – no remote control required. Plus, you can enjoy a cinematic experience right from home, thanks to vibrant 4K Ultra HD powered by Dolby Vision (the latter being an expert-acclaimed addition to your viewing experience).

Amazon All-New Kindle Paper White, Black

Truthfully, there’s nothing we love more than relaxing with a book – whether it’s one of the best books of the year or part of Reese’s Book Club. The all-new Kindle Paperwhite is a glare-free option that reads like real paper and is perfect for stashing in your work bag.

Blink Mini - Small Indoor Smart Security Camera, White

You know what they say – safety first. With the Blink Smart Security Camera, it’s never been easier to protect it, thanks to great motion detection and two-way audio that lets you monitor inside your home 24/7. Simply connect the camera, connect it to WiFi and add it to the paired Blink app.

Amazon Echo Show 8, White

From reading Pinterest recipes from the tabletop to jamming out playlists in your home office setting, nothing beats the Amazon Echo Show 8. You can also FaceTime loved ones and stream your favorite shows.

This model comes in black too, and there’s a newer version – the Amazon Echo Show 15 ($250) that mounts impressively on your wall.

Samsung Frame Series Smart TV

If there’s one thing readers will adore and buy again and again, it’s the Samsung Frame Series Smart TV. Famous for turning into a beautiful work of art when it’s offline (you know, instead of the stark black screen), it’s a precious smart device with Alexa built in.

Kasa Smart Light Switch (3-Pack), White

Yes, light switches can get smarter, too. The Kasa three-pack smart light switch works with both Alexa and Google Home, without the need for a hub; It will suffice to control whether your light is on or off from the paired app.

iRobot Roomba 694 Robot Vacuum Cleaner, Black

Meet the best vacuum cleaners we’ve rounded up. There’s nothing quite like the best-selling iRobot Roomba 694, a powerful hands-free device that moves over carpets and hard floors. To learn more about cleaning, check out our guide to the best home cleaning products.

Kosori Smart Wi-Fi Fryer, Black

As one of our favorite air fryers, Cosori’s Smart WiFi model takes the cake for being the smart kitchen assistant you didn’t know you needed. You can access remote control options through the VeSync app, which also has over 100 recipes.

Rachio 3 Smart Spray Controller, White

The spring is almost complete, so why not invest in a Rachio 3 Smart Sprinkler Controller. Have a healthy green garden with this smart device that connects to WiFi through its paired app. Plus, it has skip rain, skip wind, skip freeze and more to avoid unnecessary watering.

For more outdoor content, check out our guides to the best lawn mowers, patio furniture, fire pits, compost bins, and gardening tools.

Google Nest Learning Thermostat

When you’re too hot or too cold, you want something that fixes the temperature of your house right away. With the Google Nest educational thermostat, it will be your new favorite compact smart device.

With the automatic scheduling function, the thermostat understands your preferences. You can also set the ideal temperature you wish to set it to when you are away from home.

Bose New Smart Sound Bar, Black

Introducing the new Bose smart speaker – a piece of smart technology worth investing in ASAP. It has Dolby Atmos (which, according to our TV expert, automatically improves sound quality) and Bluetooth, making it one of the most elegant devices Amazon has to offer.

Casa Smart Light Bulbs (2 Pack)

This mod would be incomplete without mentioning the infamous color-changing light bulbs. For just $20 right now, park these WiFi-compatible fixtures for your space to rein in the colors of the rainbow.

Forbo WiFi Pet Camera, White

Aside from the security cameras in your home, your pets need some love and attention too. The WiFi Pet Camera from Furbo is a best seller, featuring a Full HD camera and night vision. There’s even an alert that will appear on your smartphone — seriously, how can you resist?

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