Sweet iPad mini 6 may be found on other iPads after next week’s update

When Apple released the iPad mini 6 last September, it included a pretty cool feature. The buttons on the tablet change their functions depending on the direction in which the device is used. And now, with the imminent update of iPadOS 15.4, other iPad models are getting the same feature.

Changing the volume buttons on some iPad models will allow switching depending on whether the tablet is held in portrait or landscape mode. Currently, outside of the iPad 6 mini, a specific button will always turn the volume up or down no matter how the device is held. A Twitter subscriber named Matt Birchler (Across 9to5Mac) Next change.

By default, your iPad is set to keep the volume controls in a fixed position

The tweet by mattbirchler highlights a new toggle called “fixed position volume control” that a user can toggle to if they want the volume buttons to remain in the same position regardless of the orientation of the iPad. In other words, if you’re very tuned into your ways thanks to muscle memory and don’t want the volume buttons on your iPad to change depending on how you hold it, you’ll want to turn this switch on.

To access the toggle button, with an iPad running iPadOS 15.4, go to Settings > sounds (It is in the sidebar on the left side of the screen) > Switch the volume controls to fixed position. With it off, the volume button (+) will be on the right or top side no matter how you hold your tablet. The volume button (-) will remain on the left or bottom side regardless of whether the iPad is held in landscape or portrait mode.

By default, the switch will be to keep the volume buttons in a fixed position. Although the feature did not appear in the iOS 15.4 beta, it did appear on some iPad Pro and iPad Air units with iPadOS 15.4. Apple released the iPadOS 15.4 release candidate last week with the final version expected to be released sometime in the next week.

There’s something you should know about the iPad mini 6. Unlike most iPad models that have the volume buttons on the top left near the sleep/wake switch (this assumes the charging port is on the bottom), the iPad mini 6 has its own volume buttons On the top edge of the tablet, near the sleep/wake button.

iOS 15.4 and iPadOS 15.4 may launch next Friday, March 18th. This is the date when Apple will release the new green iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro models, the iPhone SE (2022).

Those with iPhone 12 or later wearing a mask will be able to unlock the device without the Apple Watch

The big news for iPhone users is that with the update, Face ID will unlock your phone even if you’re wearing a mask. Currently, you must have an unlocked Apple Watch on your wrist for this to happen. However, this new feature is not comprehensive even though it means that you do not need to have an Apple Watch to use Face ID while wearing a mask.

Since Face ID will now work using a smaller area of ​​the user’s face to verify their identity, it will only work on iPhone 12 or later. You will have to set up Face ID by adding a third entry for your face and this third scan is slower than the first two. However, the speed at which Face ID unlocks your phone remains as fast as ever.

iPadOS 15.4 updates will also include Global Control that allows your Mac and iPad to sign in with the same Apple ID to have a global handle. When you get a notification that an update has arrived (iOS for your phone and iPadOS, well, you know), go to Settings > general > system update to download and install it.