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“Many of our operators were born in the ’90s, so our gauges have to be like smartphones. You can draw on the touch screen, you can call up and control on the touch screen, it’s quite innovative.”

“Metrios machines are easy to use, so our young operators are eager to work with them because they are from the same generation, they are easy to use and easy to use” Explains one of Metrios’ partners at Gai Giacomo.

“This was a driving factor in our decision to invest in this new technology.” Teaching young workers how to use old tools is a waste of time. They just won’t appreciate them and will be reluctant to use them. That is why it is so important for industrial machines to be technical yet challenging at the same time.

“It enables us to speed up our work and perform inspections that would be more complex with other tools.”

In today’s world, the object must provide an added value, or edge, or else it will end up under a blanket of dust or in a drawer, just like an old cell phone. Many entrepreneurs dream of having a team of young workers who are eager to use inspection tools in production. This obviously leads to an immediate increase in productivity and quality. “And you will have a better product automatically”, Confirms the owner of the company, Daniel Jay.

Measuring multiple parts is definitely an advantage. But perhaps the real innovation lies in the fact that the parts can be placed randomly.
“Our first experience with Metrios resulted in the advantage of measuring multiple parts simultaneously. Simply place the part on the Metrios stage and take the measurement. Now, I am measuring 7 parts at the same time.”

The machine detects, measures and reports all parts on the stage. “Reports are generated by the software, displayed on the screen for the operator to check, and then presented during piece production.”

“What really impressed me is how simple the programming is and how efficient the Metrios response is. Since it is so much simpler than the Profiler, anyone can use the device”. Not only does Metrios’ straightforward design make it an excellent choice for quality control on the store floor, it’s also capable of detecting and tracking a range of measurements. “We wanted to take advantage of the internal profile inspection of the parts we produce.”

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