Samsung March 2022 update rolled out to Galaxy phones

Samsung is now rolling out the latest Android security update in March 2022 to a huge range of Galaxy devices.

Samsung March 2022 Security Update – What’s New

As was usually the case, the first Samsung Galaxy phones to receive the March update had already done so before March began, with the patch arriving on February 25. According to Google’s official security bulletin, the patch includes fixes for 19 issues.

Meanwhile, Samsung’s own patch notes (via SamMobile) – which also lists some of the many improvements specific to Galaxy devices – shows that the March 2022 patch includes 50 security fixes, 29 of which are rated “high” and two of which are “critical”. Google’s description of one of the “critical” issues shows that a flaw in the Android system can give an attacker escalation privileges on your phone without having to click anything.

At the moment, it’s not clear what all other Samsung Galaxy owners should expect in the March update in terms of new features or changes. Samsung’s patch notes on the device include one line of information about the Galaxy S22 phones.

  • Improved overall job stability.

However, there’s also a second update rolling out for the Galaxy S22 series this month to address issues with the Game Optimization service (more on that below). Here are the patch notes for this minor update:

  • By performing this software update, your device will:
    – Does not limit CPU/GPU performance during the early stages of gameplay
    * Maintain performance management feature based on device temperature
    – Provide “alternative game performance management mode” in Game Booster
    – Allow third-party apps to bypass game optimization service
  • Camera stability has been improved.
  • The overall stability of your device has been improved.
  • Your device’s security has been improved.

Devices with Samsung March 2022 Security Update

This list will include a note on where the update first appeared and if it’s also available in the US. As usual, the latest additions will be highlighted in bold.

Galaxy S series

This month’s security update cycle began with the Galaxy S22 on February 25 – the phone’s launch day – as the patch was said to improve display issues reported by some early users of Samsung’s flagship. A broader patch, including Snapdragon variants of the Galaxy S22, was rolled out on March 7.

Then, on March 11, Samsung started rolling out the update to the Galaxy S10 Lite, and very soon after that the Galaxy S9 of 2018. The following week, on March 14, Samsung updated last year’s Galaxy S21 series to the new version.

It is also said that Samsung is releasing a file Secondly Practice the patch for some Galaxy S devices – most notably the Galaxy S22 series – to disable the game optimization service. This service actually slows down your phone’s maximum performance while you’re playing games in order to keep temperatures down and battery life. However, it has recently become the center of controversy, with many petitions to have it removed.

  • Galaxy S22 – S90xBXXU1AVBF / S90xEXXU1AVBF (First introduced in Germany)
    • NB: The second patch (S90xxXXu1AVC6) is also available in Europe and Asia
  • Galaxy S21 – G99xU1UES5BVC1 (first introduced in the US)
    • United States: Available for open Devices on carrier networks
  • Galaxy S10 Lite – G770FXXS6FVB7 (First introduced in Spain)
  • Galaxy S9 / S9 + – G96xFXXUHFVB4 (first introduced in Germany)

Galaxy A series

Samsung Galaxy A52 on update screen

One of the main advantages of Samsung’s lineup of low- and mid-range Galaxy devices, which essentially sets it apart from all the other more affordable Android devices but the Google Pixel A-Series, is that it receives updates on a regular basis. This is especially true of the Galaxy A series, but other more affordable options like the Galaxy M series and F series are no stranger to patches.

The Galaxy A52 was one of the first Samsung devices to receive the update this month, with customers in South America and beyond seeing the patch on March 11th.

  • Galaxy A52 – A525xUBS4BVB2 (first introduced in South America)

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