Pixel Notepad & Pixel Watch: New default for Android users to avoid iPad, Galaxy Z Fold and Apple Watch

You’ll release a line of devices meant to rival Apple’s (nearly) entire catalog of highly successful products, you’ll laugh about it. I would too. But even though a

It was the start of something more than a groundbreaking comeback for Android.

Which aims to compete with AirPods and Galaxy Buds in the world, and while Chromebooks aren’t quite a match for Apple’s MacBook, they do well for less demanding tasks and users, respectively.

Moreover, unlike Apple’s, Google’s current hardware ecosystem extends far beyond wearables and computers. For example, Google will also sell you:

  • Chromecast to turn any TV into a smart TV with access to apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Spotify, etc.
  • Nest Audio and Nest Mini for those who want a smart speaker, that can take notes, set timers, tell the weather, etc.
  • And a bunch of other home oriented devices like the Nest Thermostat (which I used, which is great), the Nest Cam, the Nest Doorbell, etc.

But! For those who have always wanted A bit more of a Google flavorNow, the company is expected to look to expand its product range by adding two very important devices that many of us, tech enthusiasts, have been anticipating for a while. So, let’s talk about it!

Google Pixel Watch: The new default alternative to Apple Watch for Android users?

Although companies like Samsung Huawei and Fitbit (now part of Google) have both dominated the Android smartwatch scene for a while, and I never felt like either of them was the “default Android smartwatch maker”.

But things are finally starting to take shape when it comes to what is long overdue for Google Pixel Watch, which may turn out to be the “new default” we’ve wanted for a while.

Here are some details of the Google Pixel Watch, based on leaks, rumors, and code digging (by 9to5Google):

  • Round shape (with circular watch faces)
  • Exynos W920 chip made by Samsung (such as Galaxy Watch 4), or another version that can be marketed as Tensor
  • Wear OS 3.0
  • Colors: Grey, Black, Gold
  • Price starts from 300 to 400 dollars

But regardless of the specs, if this is a Google watch, it makes sense that the company is taking advantage of all the powerful software features, some of which have made the Pixel 6 the smartest phone in the world.

Leaks and rumors point to a dedicated Google Assistant button for the “next generation assistant”. What this means is that Google Assistant will be able to perform tasks directly on the watch rather than accessing Google’s servers for assistance, making requests much faster. This has been available on Google devices since the Pixel 4 series, so it would be a logical move for the Pixel Watch.

It’s exactly Google’s powerful software that could take the Pixel Watch to a whole new level, compared to the competition from Samsung, Apple, etc. Moreover, native support for some Google apps, such as Google Maps and the Play Store, should be to ensure the smoothest Google experience when it comes to apps, which has historically been a challenge for smartwatches that haven’t come out of Cupertino.

As an added bonus, we’ve now seen patents filed by Google for a bunch of interesting touch controls that might let you control some of the Pixel Watch’s functions by tapping the area of ​​your wrist near the watch instead of touching it.

If this sounds strange, keep in mind that this type of technology already exists. new from sony LinkBuds feature touch sensors that let you control your music by tapping the muscles around your ears instead of the earbuds themselves.

Google Pixel Notepad: The new default alternative to Galaxy Z Fold and iPad mini for Android users?

Of course, the other long-rumored part of Google’s new ecosystem is the foldable Google Pixel. According to sources, the company’s first such device experienced some turmoil during development, and production was reportedly halted at some point.

Now, thanks to information from regular leakers John Prosser and Ross Young, we know that the Google Pixel Notepad project is back on the right track. Hello! So far, we know that Pixel Notepad (that’s the actual rumored name), should:

  • Start around $1,399, which gives it a massive advantage over the Galaxy Z Fold 4, if the latter’s price remains unchanged ($1,799)
  • Come with a bunch of smaller screens, reminiscent of Oppo Find N, instead of Samsung, Honor or bigger Huawei folds
  • Features the Pixel 5’s primary camera sensor and the Pixel 6’s ultra-wide angle camera
  • Be powered by a first or second generation Google Tensor chip, depending on when it was released

Make no mistake, the main focus here should be on this price. The Pixel Notepad may end up being at least $400 cheaper than competing foldable devices from Samsung, while at the same time being much more available than those from Oppo, Honor, and Huawei (although it probably isn’t as widely available as Samsung). Google’s expertise and push to improve software for devices with larger screens across Android 12L Pixel Notepad may give an important step up. Also, if it was launched along with The Pixel 7 series, Notepad will likely feature Google’s second-generation Tensor chip, which will undoubtedly bring more improvements over the already incredibly smart Android 12 from Google. Guaranteed, thanks to… Google.

In the end: the Google ecosystem is shaping up to be really exciting

pixel clock

It’s safe to say that the Apple Watch has been the best smartwatch in the world for a while now. That’s thanks to Cupertino’s amazing system integration, which gives Apple users a seamless experience to navigate iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch apps and tasks.

It’s not easy to compete with Apple’s hardware – the Apple Watch 7 comes with some of the thinnest bezels in a smartwatch we’ve seen before, and of course it looks…expensive because it is. It is no coincidence that Tim Cook & Co. has been the absolute dominant force when it comes to smartwatch sales, holding more than 30% of the worldwide smartwatch market.

Of course, if you’re using an Android phone, there’s something like a file Galaxy Watch 4 or The Huawei Watch 3 should still fit you better. Or Fitbit, which, by the way, is no longer an independent smartwatch brand, having been acquired by Google in early 2021.

It was exactly after buying Fitbit a year ago when Google pledged to start paying more attention to wearables. The company combined Wear OS with Samsung’s Tizen operating system for the Galaxy Watch 4, which received good reviews but never felt like it was. Google Watch Some may have been waiting. More about it on our website Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 review.

But now, all of that could change thanks to the Pixel Watch, which is expected to receive closer integration with Google phones but also be more open to other devices. Of course, if Google’s goal is to make it the default Android smartwatch.

Apple has been known to lock users within its “walled garden,” to ensure that Apple products perform best when paired with other Apple products. While I don’t see Google following the Cupertino example, I think the Pixel Watch will work best when paired with a Pixel phone. However, more open Android device integration, especially compared to Apple, is almost guaranteed and would be welcomed. The latest rumor coming from Front Page Tech’s Jon Prosser says the Google Pixel Watch is on schedule for the rumored May 26th release, which was also when the mid-range Google Pixel 6A was supposed to appear. However, Prosser claims that the Pixel 6A has now been delayed until late July, which means the launch of the Google Pixel Watch may need to port as well.

As far as the Google Pixel Notepad is concerned, it is now almost certain that this will be announced alongside the Google Pixel 7 series in October, or if not, sometime in the fourth quarter of 2022.