OPPO Find X5 Series sports a space-age curved ceramic design

New flagship smartphone: OPPO Find X5 series

Since launching its first “smiley face” mobile phone in 2008, Oppo – A leading global brand of smart devices – constantly striving to create beautifully designed innovations. Since then innovations have ranged from unique smart phones Like the Foldable, credit card size designed by Nendoto develop ColorOS The operating system. There’s a relentless pursuit of the perfect synergy between aesthetics and performance – and the latest look is the Find X5 Series. The flagship phone improves on the design, reliability, battery technology, and overall user experience.

To delve into the design of the OPPO Find X5 series, designboom chats with jingxuan chen, identity designer, and yidong wang, structural designer, who are part of the OPPO design team.

All images are courtesy of OPPO

The DNA of OPPO’s unique design

The Oppo Looking for X5 series is an example of a brand design language; It’s the end product in their minds. It reveals a unique DNA design resulting from years of development and refinement. The subtle, recognizable curvilinear structure forms the design, impressing with the artistic image of the product. Aesthetically alone, the product entices users to hold on, play, connect, enjoy and capture the moments.

The design of both Find X3 Series and the new Find X5 Series is very consistent,It starts with jingxuan chen, industrial designer at OPPO. “The original design language of the Find X3 series has been constantly improved to display a more unified, comprehensive and futuristic appearance of the Find X5 series.

The OPPO Find X5 Series smartphone sports a curved ceramic design in a space-age style

The technology may be cool but the OPPO Find X5 series comes alive. Its futuristic look resembles the language of space-age design: a one-piece curved design, seamless surfaces and uniform color materials. The design extends beyond just this topic. It also expresses the brand’s “forward inspiration” proposition for the future.

Design language refers to space exploration in its design. However, the main message is that the design language expresses OPPO’s ideas about the future, which we see through a romantic, elegant, simple and fun interpretation. We try to embody this vision for the future through our products. This is why Find X5 Series looks very artistic with its curved design,Adds industrial designer.

The OPPO Find X5 Series smartphone sports a curved ceramic design in a space-age style

One of the most important features of the smartphone is its curved body. An organically shaped ceramic back panel seamlessly encases the design and is polished for a more elegant effect. The manufacturing process allows for fine edges to be added to the surface which is very comfortable yet safe to hold. The material is superior to the glass used on the back of the Find X3 series, improving resistance to abrasion, reflection and heat dissipation by two times.

We decided to use ceramic for the Find X5 series back cover as the material meets OPPO’s high design level much better than glass. First, curves in the glass are difficult to control; It cannot be machined as precisely as in ceramic. Second, the reflection properties are much purer and cleaner in ceramics, especially after they are polished. Only one layer reflection is generated,jingxuan explains.

The ceramic back cover can be made thinner than glass. It is also more wear-resistant and has two times stronger heat dissipation than glass. This benefits the overall heat of the entire phone,yidong wang, structural designer at OPPO explains.

The OPPO Find X5 Series smartphone sports a curved ceramic design in a space-age style

A prominent camera in the shape of a volcano

The use of ceramic for the back cover also causes it to be positioned more prominently Very important camera. Its volcano-like shape has two main cameras on the left while the lenses and sensors are on the right. The revolutionary four-axis polishing machine used micron-level diamond powder to gradually polish the edges to Blends seamlessly lonliness body of the phone. The glass is then bonded directly with a ceramic finish. The calendar It looks interesting, creative, and also understandable and practical for users.

The ceramic cover is processed using CNC co-engraving technology. This is very accurate because we need to control the size of the camera housing. This manufacturing process ensures that there are fewer gaps in the camera unit as well. We were able to directly join the camera glass and ceramic together without seeming intrusiveAnd theYidong Wang adds.

The OPPO Find X5 Series smartphone sports a curved ceramic design in a space-age style

The designers at OPPO – spread across multiple teams within the brand’s Industrial Design Center – have refined the previous generation to create an iconic new design. Its camera module plays an important role in this outcome: it packs a high-performance feature into the phone, encased in a seamless blend of curved glass and ceramic, and shows off an artistic aesthetic. From its technology to the futuristic design language that sets trends, the OPPO Find X5 series is a stylish, simple yet fun product for the future.