New Campaign From Mobile Klinik Unveils Its Revamped Brand While Reinforcing Its Leadership as an All-in-One Mobile Destination in Canada

mobile clinic

mobile clinic

The Creative Campaign for Canadians introduces the company’s new brand look and feel, a revamped store experience, and new sustainability offerings on repaired or certified pre-owned devices.

TORONTO, March 7, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – The Mobile Clinic, the leading repair, refurbishment and resale of smartphones and tablets, today launched a new branding campaign to bring out its new look and feel and renew its in-store experience, while also announcing new customer offerings to strengthen its position Unique as a leading retailer and one-stop shop for high-quality, trustworthy, affordable and sustainable mobility solutions.

Mobile Klinik rewards customers across Canada who are extending the life of their smartphone with offers that are good for their wallet and for the planet. To celebrate the launch of its new creative campaign, Mobile Klinik is introducing a new Sustainability Credit that offers Canadians the opportunity to save $5 per month on their phone bill when they activate a pre-owned or repaired device in-store. Mobile Klinik is also offering Canadians $100 off the price of a pre-owned or repaired device that activates in-store to inspire Canadians to extend the life of their devices and keep them out of the landfill. Plus, with over 100 locations across Canada, Canadians can trade in or sell their devices in store, choosing from the largest selection of certified pre-owned devices from all major phone brands including Apple, Samsung and Google.

“With concerns about e-waste growing and many people feeling financially stressed in the current economic environment, our unique Mobile Klinik offering addresses real and growing consumer pain points,” said Tim McGuire, CEO of Mobile Klinik. “We know Canadians are increasingly looking for hardware options that are better for the planet and their wallets. With our appliances and repair options, new sustainability credits, and a revamped store experience, we are able to provide consumers with easy, affordable, and convenient solutions so they can make choices they feel good about. In Mobile Klinik, we’ve never been so confident in our ability to be with Canadians when life happens to their phones.”

As part of Mobile Klinik’s rebranding, it has reimagined and developed the store experience in more than 40 stores across the country, with additional stores expected to revitalize by the end of the second quarter.. The refurbished stores provide a more modern and welcoming environment that accurately reflects the innovative and futuristic brand, while meeting growing consumer demands for affordable and sustainable ways to buy, sell, repair and connect mobile devices. These updates demonstrate the continued growth and success of the Mobile Klinik business model across Canada.

“This rebranding underscores our position as a market leader in the mobile care and aftermarket category, and our company’s commitment to offering Canadians the most sustainable and affordable phone options,” McGuire continued. “A survey we conducted with Angus Reid last year found that while 41% of Canadians are considering purchasing certified used devices and 76% are considering repair, more than three-quarters of them still choose to buy a new phone in the past three years. From this brand, we are happy to welcome customers who are looking to purchase high quality and trustworthy phones, accessories, repairs and security software, as well as affordable price plans from leading wireless carriers.And for anyone looking to sell their old phone or trade in for a newer one, Mobile Klinik offers better value in the Canadian market.

Customers can easily buy mobile devices online or at Mobile Klinik store, they can repair their phones by show up, mail or on site repair using the Mobile Klinik Onsite Repair Unit cart, they can exchange or sell their devices, drop off their pre-owned devices that have been repaired or Accreditation at Mobile Klinik sites from coast to coast. For more information and to find the nearest Mobile Klinik store, visit

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Founded in 2015, Mobile Klinik is Canada’s leading professional smartphone and tablet repair, refurbishment and resale with over 100 convenient coast-to-coast locations: on-site repair units in over 100 markets across Canada; And an online store. With over 500 team members across Canada, we are committed to providing Canadian consumers and businesses with flexible and affordable options to repair, buy, sell, protect and connect their wireless devices. For more information about Mobile Klinik, please visit www.mobileklinik.caAnd follow us @MobileKlinik on Twitter and Instagram.

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