New Android Drop betas feature is landing out of thin air

Today, it seems, Google has released a whole new wave of Android betas for all currently supported Pixels, including the latest Pixel 6. Google’s expansion of the Android Beta program, announced last year, will apparently continue beyond Android 12L. And on to dropping updates, with the Pixel 4, 4a, Pixel 5, Pixel 5a, and Pixel 6 series entering the event for the upcoming June update.

Google is giving a lead on this change, although it wasn’t announced through a blog post, with a new Android QPR Beta page explaining the logic as a test for the upcoming June Feature Drop update – QPR stands for quarterly platform release, or Feature Drops every three Months. Ordinary Android Beta rules apply otherwise: those who choose to subscribe will get beta OTA updates based on this new build, with newer betas coming out regularly. The schedule is not yet clear, but it could be monthly.


Google hinted that something like this might happen when it announced the expansion of the Android Beta program in a way that ended up including Android 12L. It might look different this time since we don’t have a branded version to associate it with, but it actually makes sense to continue this previous test.

The update is currently rolling out without much fanfare from Google itself to anyone already in the Android Beta program. OTA images for the update are available for download and manual installation, and versions appear to be available for Pixel 4 series and later. However, as part of the Android Beta program, you can simply sign up for easy installation.

Some Pixel owners running Android 13 DP1 claim they’ve been downgraded to that version in an OTA update as well, which appears to be unintended behavior, but they most likely forgot to opt out of the Beta program when Google announced that things had been changing in the past year. (You may want to do this Currently If you don’t want to run into issues, and you may have to scan if you do, although opting out and then manually sideloading the OTA you want seems to circumvent scanning, in my experience.)

Oddly enough, the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro are included in the fun today, even though they don’t yet have the March Feature Drop update. For those experiencing the annoying Wi-Fi issue on the Pixel 6 series running the only available February patches, this might be a way to fix it in the short term, although migrating back from the Android Beta program is a bit of a complicated procedure if you don’t . You don’t want to wipe your phone.

The Pixel 3a series has been notably dropped in these betas, a sign that it probably won’t get the next feature-dropping update in June — which makes sense, as the update is set to expire in May. In a post on Reddit, Google confirms that Pixel 3a series phones currently in the Beta program will “receive a final update to the official March release SP2A.220305.012”. There, Google also confirms that the update includes all the changes in the March update.

So far, Google doesn’t have much to say about the QPR3 Beta 1 release notes, although they do state that it’s ready for general use if you’re feeling adventurous.

These new betas can serve as a precursor to future Drop Drop feature changes, which could open up a whole new field of diving for upcoming and unreleased features. Expect more coverage from us on this topic once we have the opportunity to delve into it.

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