Is the Loftie ‘smart’ alarm clock worth the hype?

I’ve always wanted to be a hermit. Not in a crazy way, or because I don’t like people. I just love the romantic feel of living in a remote ’70s redwood and glass coastal house with a few friends, more than a few birds, and all the best streaming TV. So, maybe not a perfect hermit – but let’s say, a hermit-edging. This is where Lofty Enter; It’s a new alarm clock designed to help you “unplug from your smartphone.”

Listen, I’m not against technology. I just want to live smarter with my current technology, and that’s what the makers of Loftie also believe in. As this smart alarm clock is named after them, it connects to your Wi-Fi network to bring you relaxing audio scenes, bedtime stories, and most importantly, to automatically sync to your time zone while you set wake up alarms – and unlike many home audio devices” Smart”, all without collecting your data (Loftie respects your limits!). “Smartphones have taken over almost everything” to explain Brand, “Includes alarm clocks and the quality of our sleep, [and] Between blue light, endless scrolling, and more, [you’re] spoils your sleep.” I hate to admit it, but they’re right. I can spend hours on TikTok, and I’m a total idiot for automatically generated iPhone memory slideshows; a “quick five minutes” on my iPhone in the morning can quickly turn into a half hour From the ominous scroll that wakes me up on the wrong side of the bed, with eyes like a little devil Rosemary baby.

Lofty promised to help me with all that. She helped me set realistic boundaries with my technique and health; To find the proverbial “balance between cigarettes and tofu,” like Gwyneth Paltrow (laughter) once He said. I was fortunate enough to receive Loftie’s honest review from the women-owned shopping and wellness platform Verticaland gave her a test for two whole weeks to see if she would live up to the hype.

First impressions

Do me a favor? Dive into your brain at the turn of the 2000s, and remember that feeling of unlocking your first iPhone. She was strong, small, and even a bit mysterious. Well, opening your own Loftie chest is totally sexy, there’s no doubt about it; The black watch has a built-in display and optional warm light underneath which makes me feel a hell of a lot more sophisticated than I am now, and the speakers sound impressive given the compact six-inch length of the watch. The setup instructions came on a single folded piece of paper the size of a jumbo candy bar, and they were pretty simple: just plug the Loftie into the mains, connect it to Wi-Fi, and explore from there. If you wish, you can also download the Loftie app to tweak your alarms wherever you are, but it’s not a requirement and Loftie’s online help page is powerful to answer any questions you might have.

Five minutes later, my Loftie was on EST. I’ve explored the various alarms on the clock, which sound more like ethereal soundscapes, galactic wind patterns, and lyrical bowls than your regular smartphone alarm – and I have to say, there’s something stupidly satisfying about knowing I don’t have to listen to the same iPhone alarms Like everyone else. you know rumble kodama looks at Prince Mononoke? The feeling you get when you step into a really cool spa, and your CD set is ready? This is the feeling.


what he wanted

As with any new alarm, the real test comes when you wake up – and I’ve never felt spoiled by an alarm, dude. I chose a series of alarms that sounded like lazy wind chimes made of hand-carved wood, and now I feel I am being coaxed out of my sleep – not just waking up – like a snake out of a rich person’s basket, every day of my life. When I get to my phone, it’s like that after I broke that snooze button. Sometimes, even after having my coffee or jumping in the shower (a big problem for me).

This is just the beginning of Loftie’s offerings, which include not only a white noise machine, but a brown, red, gray, blue, pink (and more) noise machine that looks the way I imagine it feels like Arizona deserts and saltwater pools. I like to put on sound clips as I work, alternating between a mountain scene and another by the river with a sound so pure, that there seem to be real trout hitting each other at my feet. Time to rest, I put together a soft-spoken story about King Arthur’s history that made me sleepy in no time, instead of attacking my eyes with blue light.

What was tricky

I immediately liked my Loftie, but I didn’t like it right away—or at least, I didn’t like my Wi-Fi. I have a really stupid internet provider (we’re defaming Optimum in this house), which means my Loftie connection isn’t always the best. But again, this is on me and on the Internet.

It took me a few days to get a groove with my Loftie. She died one night, because I did not realize that a watch could only hold a non-conductive charge for a few hours, which I found out after many bad words and a rush to help page.

tl; Dr

I’ve been using my Loftie alarm clock with success for two weeks now. While it takes a minute to adjust to using an alarm device that isn’t your phone, I’m happy to say that annoying old iPhone alarms are now a thing of the past, delegated to nothing more than the timing I’ve cooked rice properly — and my sleep is better for it. The concept of separating your technology sounds pretty simple, perhaps even regressive, but Loftie’s success comes from her eagerness to work with your smartphone, not against it, and always from a healthy distance.

You might say, “Dude…chill.” “It’s just an alarm clock.” Fair enough, but Loftie isn’t a classic stimulant, nor is it a new wellness ingredient. It’s something in the middle. The device’s designers understand that stimuli have been around for hundreds of years – and in some ways made their work more difficult; They had to make us fall Back In love with something ubiquitous like alarm clocks. Loftie’s mission, of course. (Sorry mom, sorry gosh.)

If you are tired of unlocking your smartphone first thing in the morning and getting assaulted through emails, then Loftie is for you. If you watch ASMR’s eight-hour waterfall videos, you’ll love it too. If you love haunted houses, long walks in the woods, and forehead kisses (in that order), you won’t just love Loftie – you deserve Lofty. Now go get some rest.

Loftie Alarm Clock can be purchased at LoftyAnd the AmazonAnd the Vertical.

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