iPhone owners say iOS 15.4 is causing dangerous battery drain

This week, Apple released iOS 15.4. If you have a supported device, you can download the new software update now. The update is packed with cool new features, including the ability to unlock the iPhone using Face ID while wearing a mask. But as with any new software, some users experience issues after an update. Since the release of iOS 15.4 on Monday, iPhone owners have been taking to Twitter to complain about battery drain.

iOS 15.4 is causing battery drain issues

Every time Apple releases an iOS update, iPhone owners start complaining about battery life. iOS 15.4 seems to be no exception, as Twitter is full of reports about dangerous battery drain. Here’s a small sampling of the complaints through Thursday:

as daily Mail Note that battery drain is not always permanent. fact, ZDNet’s Adrian Kingsley-Hughes explained why battery drain occurs in 2020:

Installing a new operating system on your iPhone causes a lot of things to run in the background, from indexing to battery recalibration, and this can last for hours or even days. Not only does this consume power, but recalibrating the battery can give the impression that the battery is draining more quickly when in reality it is not. Add to that the double factor of a lot of app updates happening after a new release, along with a lot of new features available that could drain even more older phones.

Basically, give your iPhone a few days to recalibrate before you start to panic. Battery life will likely return to normal soon. Of course, depending on the age of your phone, it is possible that your battery has started to deteriorate.

You can see how your battery is working by going to Settings > battery > Battery health. For example, my iPhone 11 dropped to 83% of maximum capacity after two and a half years of daily use. As such, updates may affect my battery life even more.

The best new features in iOS 15.4

Regardless of battery drain, there are a bunch of great reasons to install iOS 15.4 on your iPhone. As mentioned above, iOS 15.4 allows users to unlock their iPhone using Face ID while wearing a mask. This would have been more useful a year ago when mask mandates were still active in many states, but it’s a useful addition to the list of features nonetheless.

iOS 15.4 also brings a new US Siri voice, improved Live Text integration in Notes and Reminders, Tap to Pay on iPhone, the ability to add notes to Keychain passwords, and a new anti-stalking prompt for AirTags. In addition, a bunch of new emojis are now available.

iOS 15 is compatible with all the same iPhone models as iOS 14. As such, if you have any version of iOS 15 on your iPhone already, you can update to iOS 15.4 right away. And even if you have to deal with increased battery drain, you should always update as soon as possible.

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