Huawei Mobile Services launches a wide range of innovations at MWC 2022 to improve consumer experiences and provide new opportunities for business partners

SingaporeAnd the March 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ – At MWC 2022 held in Barcelona, ​​Spain, HUAWEI Mobile Services (HMS) has launched a suite of innovation tools, including “HMS for PC” – the PC version of Huawei apps and services, including HUAWEI Mobile Cloud, AppGallery, AI Search and HUAWEI Assistant TODAY, as well as improving Petal Search for augmented reality glasses. These innovative solutions synergize with HUAWEI devices to deliver a richer digital experience for consumers across devices and provide new opportunities for business partners within the HMS ecosystem.

Huawei Mobile Services (HMS) first launched “HMS for PC” and Petal Search optimized for augmented reality glasses at MWC 2022. These cross-platform capabilities synergize with HUAWEI devices to deliver seamless consumer experiences across multiple devices, including smartphones, tablets and smartphones Monitors and computers.

HMS has cemented its position as the third largest mobile ecosystem globally, with more than 5.4 million registered developers and more than 730 million users of Huawei devices. Dedicated to creating an All-Scenario Seamless AI Life experience for consumers and business partners, HMS has effectively leveraged its cross-platform capabilities to provide seamless solutions that can support multiple devices, including smartphones, tablets, smart displays and computers.

HMS for PC supports smart office experiences

At the HMS Ecosystem exhibition area at MWC 2022, HMS presented “HMS for PC” – a series of PC applications and services aimed at elevating smart office experiences.

In particular , Huawei mobile cloud for PC It was first introduced to the world market. Available in more than 20 countries and regions now, cloud storage enables cross-device functionality and live sync for users with a single login with HUAWEI ID. This helps users to efficiently search and access stored files across devices, including computers.

“HMS for PC”, which debuted at MWC, also means that services such as AppGallery Now available on computers, bringing convenience to a wider audience around the world. Moreover, the Search AI It also allows users to accurately and efficiently browse local files or network files newly discovered across devices.

Another feature featured in this event is Huawei Assistant Today. The virtual assistant developed by Huawei helps users access real-time information with smart and personalized recommendations on their PC as well.

Additionally, with the recent launch of Huawei’s first e-ink tablet – the HUAWEI MatePad Paper, at MWC 2022, the experience is set to expand across devices even more, with more than 2 million diverse selections from leading content partners and publishers available through Huawei books As part of the HMS ecosystem platform experience.

Petal Search provides an AR search experience that goes beyond the phone

Petal Search also showcased its next-level capabilities of augmented reality search via AR glasses developed by industry partners. Interactive augmented reality glasses allow users to search for information through a range of multimedia search capabilities, including video and audio translation and simultaneous translation with Petal Search.

For example, visitors Barcelona Who want to explore and learn more about history the Holy Family They can use the multimedia search capabilities on the augmented reality glasses to locate landmarks and access encyclopedic information in the language of their choice.

Moreover, Petal Search improves the online search experience with the Neighborhood service. This service allows users to quickly browse the best sites and services in the vicinity, such as restaurants, stores, and services for maximum convenience.

Petal Maps offers a digital travel and navigation experience

At MWC 2022, petal maps It also showcased the use of mobile devices and smart algorithms to build accurate positioning capabilities, providing consumers with an entirely new digital travel and navigation experience.

With its leading technology capabilities and large user base, Petal Maps currently covers more than 160 countries and regions with more than 20 million monthly active users and 260 million points of interaction (POI).

The app offers a full suite of navigation features such as precise indoor and outdoor positioning, lane guidance, offline maps, and multi-screen collaboration between smartphones and watches to users.

At the same time, the Petal Maps platform has also opened its capabilities to application developers and business owners to integrate their services into the map system and increase business visibility.

Huawei sets its sights on crafting a fully connected digital future

HMS aims to forge a fully connected digital future for its users and partners through application innovations and continuous improvements in its capabilities. This includes expanding the services and offerings in AppGallery and the development capabilities of HMS Core to unlock a wide range of experiences and opportunities in the global mobile ecosystem.

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