How to set custom notification vibration patterns on your Android phone

Some people like to set custom notification sounds for specific apps to help them quickly identify each one individually. But what if you don’t like using alarm sounds and prefer keeping your device on vibrate mode? Sure, some Samsung phones include different vibration patterns to choose from by default, but what happens if you want more specific options? The BuzzKill app featured in this guide allows you to customize the vibration patterns for all of your notifications on any Android device.

Install the BuzzKill app

Before you can start creating custom vibration patterns for your notifications, you need to get the BuzzKill app. It’s not free, keep in mind ($2.49); However, it does give you more control over what the stock can offer.


And it does all this while keeping in mind the privacy of the user. BuzzKill has no access to the Internet, which means that your personal data never leaves your device. If you’re not yet sold on BuzzKill or the idea of ​​a ton of custom notification features, read on to learn more about them.

Set up the BuzzKill app

BuzzKill requires a few quick steps as part of the setup process before you can use it. As mentioned earlier, the app does not have the ability to access the internet, track you or annoy you with ads. However, it needs proper notification permissions to give you complete control over it. To start setting up BuzzKill on your device, follow these steps:

  1. Open the BuzzKill app, then tap Activate BuzzKill button.
  2. Scroll down if necessary and tap BuzzKill Section.

  3. Enable the feature by pressing Allow notification access.
  4. Read the BuzzKill access notification popup, then tap Allow.

  5. Press the back arrow or swipe the gesture twice to return to the home screen.

Create your first BuzzKill notification rule

To set up a custom notification for any application installed on your device, you first need to specify some parameters. BuzzKill needs to know exactly which apps you want to use and how to use them. As such, you are in control of what your apps and notifications do from start to finish. In the example of this guide, we will show how you can set up a custom vibration pattern for notifications using the Google Messages app.

You can set up your first BuzzKill notification rule by doing the following:

  1. Click on Create a rule button at the bottom right of Rules tab to start.
  2. handle any app Displays a list of currently installed applications.
  3. Tap each app in this list that you want to set up a custom notification vibration pattern for, then tap Choose apps button at the bottom.
  4. Journalism it contains Any thing For an overview of the options you can choose for custom notification.
  5. Click on phrase button.

  6. Type in the name of a contact you want to have a custom vibration pattern for, then tap accomplishment.
  7. Do this with any other contacts you want to add to this rule, then tap Apply filter button at the bottom.
  8. handle Do not do anythingscroll down the list, then tap Custom alert Selection.
  9. to hit Choose Action A button to add new custom alert sections to the existing notification base.
  10. Journalism default vibration Sets a custom notification vibration pattern.

Set up a custom notification vibration pattern

Now it’s time to experiment with your patterns by mixing different vibration lengths and gap periods. To set up the first custom vibration pattern for your notifications, follow these steps:

  1. to hit Add beats then select how short or long the vibration will be.
  2. Click on add jab button and select its duration to enter a delay after the first vibration.
  3. Add another shake after the gap, then tap preview button to test it.

To get more creative, you can create some interesting patterns from the music of your favorite movies, shows or video games as well. Imagine setting your notifications to the Super Mario Bros. theme. – The possibilities are endless.

You can also set a file intensity Adjust if necessary to make the vibration pattern louder or quieter. Once done, press Choose the style Button at the bottom to save settings. Click on default sound To choose a unique voice for the pre-selected contacts. However, in this case, you will probably want to set it to None and only allow it to vibrate when you get a notification.

Now take a look at the notification rule settings to make sure it does what you want it to do. to hit save the rule Button to end changes – the new rule must be enabled and ready to work. BuzzKill will automatically use the custom vibration pattern you previously set when the parameters are met. You can make changes to this rule, so feel free to switch up the vibration pattern or add other tweaks as needed.

Consider backing up your notification rules, especially if you’re creating complex custom vibration patterns. go to the Settings scroll down and select File export rules Option to save a file with all your rules in it. You can always upload the file to one of the cloud storage solutions later, such as Google Drive or Dropbox.

These are, of course, just the basics of what’s possible while using the BuzzKill custom notification app. You can also check out Explores Tab for some pre-made rules to try. Simply press Add to my rules Push in when you find one and adjust it to suit your specific needs.

Although the goal here was to focus on the custom vibration pattern feature for your notifications, there is a lot you can do. Now that you know how to use the BuzzKill app, you can add other custom rules. As mentioned above, the experience Explores The tab is a great place to start if you need more advanced or unique ideas for your device. Looking for more how-to guides? Check out our guide on how to go back to an older version of the app or our best tips and tricks for taming your Google Photos collection.

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