How to print a PDF from your iPhone in a few quick clicks

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we use phones For just about everything, which means you may need to print documents from your mobile device every now and then. Whether it’s a business report or a new recipe, sometimes it’s easier to read a hard copy than a digital file on your phone’s tiny 6-inch screen.

print from file Iphone Simple, as long as you’re connected to an AirPrint compatible printer. Check this support page on the Apple website for a list of printers that work with AirPrint. You can access the print option in most email apps and web browser by simply clicking the share button in iOS. You can also save a website or email as a PDF in the iPhone Files app from this menu as well.

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Here’s how to print or save web pages and emails as PDFs on your iPhone.

How to print or save a webpage as a PDF on your iPhone

First, open the website you wish to print in your phone’s web browser.

Then press the share button. In most applications, this looks like a square with an arrow pointing up, as shown below. You can find this icon in or near the search bar in Apple’s Safari browser and in Google Chrome. In some applications, such as Mozilla Firefox, you may need to tap the menu icon that shows three dots to find the Share option.

ios share button

Click the “Share” button to start when printing a webpage on your iPhone.

Screenshot by Lisa Edesicko/CNET

Next, select Print. This will pull up your iPhone’s Print Options screen, which lets you choose which printer you’d like to use and how many copies to print among other settings.


The print button in iOS allows you to print a document using a compatible printer.

Screenshot by Lisa Edesicko/CNET

Press the Print button from the print options screen to send the document to the selected printer.

ios print options

Press the Print button to print your document from your iPhone.

Screenshot by Lisa Edesicko/CNET

If you want to save the website as a PDF instead, long-press on the document preview displayed under Print Options.

print preview on ios

Press and hold on the page above to access the share menu in print preview mode.

Screenshot by Lisa Edesicko/CNET

This will enlarge the selected page in preview mode. Once zoomed in, click on the document page to view the full file in preview mode. Then tap on the share icon.

Print preview in ios-share-button

Click this button to launch the share menu.

Screenshot by Lisa Edesicko/CNET

Finally, choose the Save to Files option from the menu.

ios - save to files

Click this button to save the document in PDF format.

Screenshot by Lisa Edesicko/CNET

How to print or save an email as a PDF on your iPhone

Open the email you want to print and hit the Print button. In the Apple Mail app, tap the arrow near the bottom of the screen and scroll down to the Print option. In Gmail, click the button that looks like three dots in the sender line and then choose Print. In Outlook, you will also need to tap on the icon that looks like three dots near the top of the screen and tap on the Print Conversation option.

Email pdf-print-1

The Print Conversation button in the Outlook for iOS email app.

Screenshot by Lisa Edesicko/CNET

From here, the steps are similar to printing a web page. Click the Print button in the upper right corner after selecting the print settings you want from the available options.


Clicking the Print button will send this Outlook email to the selected printer.

Screenshot by Lisa Edesicko/CNET

If you want to save the email as a PDF on your phone, long press on the document preview to enlarge it. Next, click on this enlarged preview to view the entire document in preview mode.

Email pdf-3

Long press on the above page to enlarge it, then tap on it again to open the full file in PDF preview.

Screenshot by Lisa Edesicko/CNET

Click on the Share icon in the lower left corner.

Email pdf-4

The Share button is located near the bottom of the screen.

Screenshot by Lisa Edesicko/CNET

Click on Save to Files option.

Email pdf-5

Tap this button to save the email to the Files app.

Screenshot by Lisa Edesicko/CNET

And that’s all there is to it. For more iPhone tips, check out this list You have to change the settings and tips to improve The reading experience on your iPhone.

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