How to get the new 5th generation iPhone SE or iPad Air

The launch of Apple’s first product event in 2022 has just ended, and Apple fans have been eagerly awaiting the new affordable iPhone SE, an update to the iPad Air and the latest and most powerful Mac chip, which will make its debut in the new Mac Studio computer.

Pre-orders start on Friday and products will ship on March 18th.

New budget iPhone SE, costs $429

This is the successor to the 2020 model but with 5G and the latest iPhone processor, the A15. The device looks like the previous iPhone SE, with a 4.7-inch rectangular display, and a TouchID fingerprint sensor. It is equipped with a 12MP rear camera.

Apple – iPhone 3E at Walmart, pre-order it today

Apple – iPhone SE (3rd generation) 128GB – Midnight at Best Buy, pre-order today

The next generation iPhone SE is a powerful new iPhone with an iconic design, featuring the A15 Bionic chip and 5G. (Photo: Business Wire)

New colors for iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro

Apple is adding two new colors to its iPhone. People can pre-order the iPhone 13 in “green” and the iPhone 13 Pro in “alpine green” starting Friday. Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

Apple – iPhone 13 – Alpine Green at Walmart, pre-order today

Apple – iPhone 13 Pro Max 5G 128GB – Alpine Green at Best Buy, pre-order today

iPhone 13 colors

A sophisticated Alpine green and stunning green join the iPhone 13 lineup. (Photo: Business Wire)

New iPad Air with M1 chip starting at $599

This is a new version of the mid-range iPad, the iPad Air. It uses the Apple M1 processor, which is the chip used in the more expensive iPad Pro and MacBook Air models. It also has optional support for 5G networks. The front camera has been upgraded to a 12MP camera with a wide-angle lens, enabling a feature called Center Stage that can follow subjects as they move in the frame during video conferencing.

Apple iPad Air 10.9″ – Latest Model – All Choices at Walmart Pre-order today

Apple 10.9″ iPad Air with M1 chip in B&H Photo, Pre-order today

Apple iPad Air 10.9 5th Gen M1 Chip at Adorama Pre-order today

Apple iPad Air 10.9-inch Latest Model (5th Generation) at Best Buy Pre-order today

Apple's new iPad Air

The powerful and versatile new iPad Air comes in an amazing array of colors, and features an Apple-designed M1 chip, a new ultra-wide front camera, super-fast 5G network, and more. (Photo: Business Wire)

Mac Studio with Apple’s new M1 Ultra chip starts at $1,999

This is the first new Mac model in years with Mac Studio to feature a desktop computer without a screen. The cube-shaped aluminum box is taller than the current Mac Mini. The extra height of the large fans is used to keep the computer temperature low.

Apple Mac Studio with M1 Max at B&H Photo, pre-order today

Apple Mac Studio Desktop Computer, M1 Max at Adorama, Pre-order today

Mac Studio: Apple M1 Max – Silver at Best Buy, pre-order today

Apple M1 Ultra

The M1 Ultra is the world’s most powerful and capable PC chip. (Graphic: Business Wire)

New 27″ Studio Projector Monitor, $1,599

The standalone display features a 5K retina panel with 14.7 million pixels, 600 nits of brightness and P3 wide color gamut coverage. It also includes Apple’s True Tone technology, which allows the monitor to match its panel’s color temperature to the ambient lighting in your workspace.

Apple 27″ Studio Display (standard glass, tilt-adjustable stand) at B&H Photo, pre-order today for $1,599

Apple Studio Display 27 5K Retina Display, Standard Glass, Tilt Stand at Adorama Pre-order today for $1,599

new! Apple Studio Monitor – Standard tilt adjustable glass at Best Buy, pre-order today for $1,599

Apple's new Mac Studio and Studio screen

The all-new Mac Studio and Studio Display turn any studio workspace into a creative powerhouse. (Photo: Business Wire)

Apple also introduced a new Mac Pro, but said it would share more at a later event.

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