How to consistently rank in first-person shooters

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To consistently climb the ranks in a first-person shooter, you need to practice regularly and score your games to break your gameplay. Identify areas that need improvement and focus on refining your skills. You will level up over time as your skills improve.

Practice regularly and record your games

Playing first-person shooters is like no other skill. The only way to get better is by exercising regularly. If you do not practice all the mechanics of the game, you will not improve. And if you don’t improve, you won’t rise in the rankings.

This does not mean that you have to spend hours every day playing the game. Just know that the more time you spend training properly, the faster you will improve and gradually higher rankings.

Practice the right way is essential. If you get into the game and play like always, you won’t make much progress. That’s why it’s important to know what you need to improve. Sometimes the answer is painfully obvious, but not always.

It’s a great idea to record your games so you can re-watch how you play. You can break it down to see what you need to improve. It’s easy to miss things while playing, so be sure to sign up. Find high-level gameplay, and see if your playstyle matches up. Depending on the game, you’ll want to ask yourself the following questions:

  • How is my goal?
  • Is my condition good?
  • Do I need to improve my mobility?
  • Am I using my abilities and facilities effectively?
  • Are my sensitivity and aiming marks improved?
  • Do I make good decisions?
  • Do I need more help from my team?

Use these questions to help you discover what you’re doing wrong or that you can improve. Then practice improving in those areas. For example, if you find yourself losing gun battles, focus on improving your aim and movement to catch your opponents by surprise and make hitting harder.

Hone your skills to climb steadily

Instead of playing as many games as you can for days, weeks, or even months, focus on honing your skills to climb the ranks steadily. It’s a poor use of your time to play nonstop, grinding tirelessly in the hopes of getting ranked higher.

Of course, it is possible to win most of your games. It is not as effective as honing your skills. As you hone your skills, whether it’s to improve your aim, movement, reaction speed or decision making, your rank will rise as well.

Think of a professional player or a high-level player playing in a low-ranking match. Since their skills are better than lower ranked players, they are very likely to win their games and move up the rankings steadily. Their skills enable them to rank higher, not by hoping to win most of their matches against players with similar skills.

So instead of focusing on winning 15 out of 20 matches a day, focus on playing better than the current standings you are in.

play with friends

Does FPS allow you to invite friends to play with you? If so, know that playing with friends is one of the best ways to consistently rank higher, especially if they are better than you. Playing with friends is usually more comfortable than playing with strangers. You feel more relaxed and know how to support each other. And if your friends are better than you, they can give you valuable tips throughout the game.

Conversely, playing with strangers can feel more self-reliant and stressful. You do not know how strangers play in your team, so you need to pay more attention and act accordingly.

However, this does not mean that you will lose more games by playing with strangers. As long as you are communicating effectively with your team, it should be no different than playing with friends. As the game progresses, you will begin to adapt to the way your teammates play, and learn to play together as if you were friends.

Stop blaming your team

In team shooters, you will often find players blaming their teammates for losing the game. Even though your team may have made some mistakes, there is no need to point fingers and cut back on the team dynamic.

Just like anything else, everyone makes mistakes. As a team member, you should encourage your team to learn from these mistakes. You don’t have to be the team leader, just be a good teammate. If you get it wrong, you wouldn’t want your team to yell at you and put you to the gutter, would you?

Instead, everyone should focus on improving their individual gameplay and learning from any mistakes that were made. This is key to ensuring your team stays aligned, focused and determined to win.

Avoid feeling tired

As a competitive player looking to rank higher, feeling tired after extended gaming sessions is easy. This is especially true if you lose most of your games.

Feeling tired is like playing on autopilot. You don’t really think about the decisions you make. Your brain feels like it’s on standby as you move the mouse and type on the keyboard instinctively. It’s as if you’re not playing the game, even if you are.

If you want to climb the ranks, you should take a break from playing as soon as you start to feel overwhelmed. Most first person shooter games will not allow you to take breaks during matches, so you will need to focus until the game is over. Once you are done with the game, stretch your body, eat some lunch, drink some water, and rest for at least 30 minutes.