How to clean your phone case

Did you know that your phone can be one of the dirtiest things you carry with you? Not only do you use it 24/7, you can put it in your purse or pocket, toss it on the counter during lunch, and touch it up after you’ve touched countless surfaces. No wonder phones and their protective cases can harbor tons of germs and bacteria. Fortunately, some of the newer cases come with antibacterial coatings. You can also use UV-C disinfectant to get rid of lingering viruses and bacteria. But these don’t get rid of dirt, dust, and grime in cracks and crevices, not to mention pesky fingerprints. Therefore, it is important to quickly clean your phone case every now and then. But how do you clean your phone case?

First thing’s first, make sure you take your phone out of the case before you begin, and wash your hands until they are clean and ready to use. Next, follow this guide based on the type of phone case you have.

How to clean a clear plastic or TPU phone case

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If your silicone case starts to turn yellow – which tends to happen with polymer cases after being exposed to chemicals, light, and heat over long periods of time – you are maybe Clean it up to at least try to get it back to its original state.