Google’s Android 12 Pixel user interface makes me go back to Samsung’s One UI

Android 12 is here, and we’ve seen how all OEMs put their own spin on the OS. Companies like Samsung, OnePlus, and others have made their own UI deal with Android 12 to make it look, feel, and act the way you want it to. Meanwhile, Google has made a pretty drastic change to the Pixel UI with the latest version, focusing on more colors, unique widgets, and larger buttons. I didn’t own a Pixel smartphone until very recently, and I have to say the Android 12 experience on the Pixel is what makes me want to keep using Samsung and One UI.

I’ll start by saying that it was hard not to get excited about Google’s Android 12 user interface when it was first revealed. Thanks to Material You, it’s such a massive OS overhaul from what we’ve seen in previous Google phones, and it’s a phone that mirrors the new Pixel 6 hardware. It’s hotter, more personal and, dare I say it, fun. But as time went on, I became more and more concerned about some of the questionable choices Google was making with its user interface, and frankly, I hoped with all my might that other OEMs wouldn’t adopt them.

Bigger is not always better