Destiny 2: The Witch Queen: How to unlock Glaive’s weapon

The launch of the .. the launch of the .. the take off of the Destiny 2: The Witch QueenIntroduced a large number of new mechanisms, abilities and weapons to the realm of Destiny. Few are as versatile and useful as the Glaive. This weapon combines fast-flowing melee strikes, powerful long-range attacks, and the life-saving ability of a shield. It’s a weapon every ranger wants in their arsenal. We’ll show you how to get Glaive Destiny 2: The Witch QueenAnd how to get the most out of it.

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How to unlock Glaive in Destiny 2: The Witch Queen

The Glaive is a great weapon, and it’s very easy to get your first weapon as you play through the main campaign of charming queen. First, play through the introductory mission, Reach. When you complete this mission, you will be sent to The Enclave to talk to Ikora Rey.

Ikora will assign you a task called The Relic. Leave it and follow the pointer to the nearby pocket. Inside is a colorful platform called The Relic that serves as your crafting table. Approach it, and the tutorial will guide you through the following steps:

  • Select the shape option to start crafting.
  • Select the core. These are represented by the white squares towards the left of the screen.
  • Choose Privileges. These are the blue circles, and they offer bonuses to Glaive’s abilities. You can assign four perks to this weapon. The first two are simple.
  • weapon shape. Highlight the purple square on the far right, and hold down or long press the select button.

This will constitute (craft) Enigma, your first glyph. During initial crafting, there is a very limited set of perks that you can customize. As you use this weapon, you will gain experience points and level up, unlocking more and stronger perks. You can return to the Relic at any time to change the Essence and Perks assigned to your Glaive by selecting the Reshape option from the Relics menu. Keep in mind that the weapon must be unequipped in order to be reconfigured.

Once your Glaive reaches level 3, you can upgrade your Intrinsic with a cost of 40,000 flashes, 12 enhanced cores, and 20 resonant ingots.

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the essence

  • Processing
  • Domain
  • Reload speed
  • Shield Duration

Upgrading perks costs 75 neutral items. Privileges are divided into “Hefts”, “magazines” and “attributes”:


  • Ballistic Adjustment – Increases range and reduces shield duration
  • Low Resistance Windings – Increases shield duration and reload speed, decreases range
  • Reinforced Truss Bar – Increases handling speed and reduces reload speed and range
  • Supercooled accelerator – increases range and reduces reload and processing speed
  • Additional Reserves – Increased shield duration and reduced reload speed
  • Lightweight Emitter – Increases reload and processing speed, reduces shield duration


  • Extended Mag – Increases vault size and reduces reload speed
  • Alloy Magazine – Faster reloads when magazine is empty
  • Mag attachment – increases magazine size
  • Precise Rounds – Increases Range
  • Swap Mag – Increases Standby and Storage Speed
  • Light Mag – Increases reload speed and range

There are two theme slots, each with a different set of options. They all come with a standard and more powerful enhanced version, which can be equipped as you level up your Glaive.

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Attribute 1

  • Tilt at windmills – blocking shield damage increases movement speed
  • Threat Detector – Increases reload, stability and handling when enemies are in close proximity
  • Feed Frenzy – Each quick kill with this weapon gradually increases reload speed for a short time
  • Pulse amplifier – significantly increases the speed of the projectile and increases the speed of reloading
  • Contour – defeating targets partially reloads the magazine from reserves
  • Grave Robber – Final melee strikes reloads weapon from reserves

Attribute 2

  • Relentless – Quick defeat of enemies regenerates health
  • Kill Clip – Reload after killing, grants increased damage
  • Thresh – Killing fighters with this weapon generates super power
  • Frenzy – Long fighting increases damage, deal and reload speed
  • Unstoppable Strength – Blocking damage to your shield increases projectile damage for a short time
  • Rampage – Killing with this weapon temporarily increases damage. Stacks 3x

The Glaive sits in your secondary weapon slot and is very useful. As one would expect from a bladed pole arm, it is very powerful in melee combat. It hits hard, like a sword, and can perform short combos to launch multiple attacks in quick succession. You can also press the aim down button to create a timer to prevent incoming damage. Finally, you can fire it like a shotgun, shooting a powerful projectile that flies in a straight line causing sudden damage.

Glass made entirely in Destiny 2.

The Enigma isn’t the only Glaive. As you progress, there are strange glaives specific to each Guardian class, and another universal glaive called Lubrae’s Ruin. The former trio is earned by completing missions on the Evidence Board on Mars, and the second is a reward from the Votive Votive Raid.

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