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Hello everyone and welcome to the week! It’s time again to take a look at the noteworthy updates of the past seven days. We’ve got a great selection of games for you to enjoy this Easter Monday, with some great titles from Apple Arcade, free end stuff, and even some paid stuff. Hope there’s a nice chocolate egg? Peep marshmallow? Whatever season-appropriate sweets you enjoy, we hope there’s a sweet treat symbolic One of these is here for you. Of course, you can follow the updates yourself by participating in the TouchArcade forums. This weekly summary is just here to provide you with the things you may have missed. Let’s go to it!


hearthstone It’s still in progress, and its latest expansion has arrived. Remember when that kind of news was big enough to get serious attention? Well, now is the time for you. It makes us all fools. In any case, Journey to the sunken city It adds 135 cards to the game with a little bit of just about everything. There has also been an update for Duels, with new heroes, updated card combinations, and more. Enough to keep you playing longer, I think.

sobakufor free, it’s not a particularly well known game by any means, but there was a little puzzle game that I played a lot back in the day called sobaku. It stopped getting updates several years ago, and I assumed that was the end of it. Imagine my surprise when an update was released in a few days making the game playable on recent iOS versions and newer devices. This update also gives the game a new look, which I love. Try it if you haven’t done so before.

Disney Heroes: Battle Mode, for free, I’ll cover the last two updates together here, because it works that way. There are two new characters in total, and it’s a double dose of villainy. The first is The Horned King from disney black cauldronAnd it’s a design I’ve always been fond of. The second one is from Namari Disney and The Last Dragon Banner. Add them to your team and see what a little evil can do to you. Well, yes I know, Namaari is not as evil as The Horned King. close enough! There are also some other bug fixes and improvements to bring things closer.

Solitaire StoriesI think the Ben Schwartz stuff in the last update is done well, because there’s another update to a brand new Ben Schwartz story to play. Something about luxury cars. It looks amused. There is also a story in which Joel McHale appears social communication And modern soup Fame. I don’t actually know who it is, but I suppose it’s funny even if it’s not Sonic the Hedgehog in any way.

Simon Cat – The Story of TimeI consider this a mandatory update of this week’s free matching puzzle game, even if it’s not completely free. I have that power. Don’t make me misuse it. Simon’s cat It has a lot of new levels waiting for you. Two hundred, to be exact. There are also additional gardens to explore. Apart from that, this update is mostly about making some small improvements, bug fixes, etc. But really, two hundred new levels. That’s enough excitement. That’s four Toon BlastsWorth the updates. four.

Journey of LEGO® BuilderThis game has a whole lot of feel to it and I really dig it. But once you’ve played it a few times, what can you do but leave it on the shelf on the occasional return trip? This update contains some ideas, and they are yours. There is a new creative mode in the game that allows you to build your own models. Wow, like real LEGO bricks! Choose a themed design board and put together everything you want. You can then use Photo mode to take some great photos of your stylish creations. Very nice thing to add, devs. Be sure to check it out if you have Apple Arcade, friends.

Alto Odyssey – Remasteredoh cute more Epic to Alto to initiate it. You can never have enough Epic, I say. This update adds a new biome called Lost City that introduces fifteen new targets to check out your list. There are also some improvements to the game text in different languages, some animation tweaks, performance improvements, and all of that. It’s also easy to keep track of your missing goals, which is something I know many of you will appreciate.

Command the Star Trek fleetIt’s free, time to head to lower floors In the latest version of Command the Star Trek fleet. Ensigns Boimler, Mariner, Tendi and Rutherford are on a mission that will take them against AGIMUS, a villainous supercomputer. They will need your help to win. There’s a new ship, USS Cerritus, some new deck officer abilities, some new research in the form of a star tree, twenty-five new missions to complete, some new officers, and even some new avatars and frames to use. This is a great update if you enjoy this game, and I suppose some of you do because it is still very popular even after all this time.

NBA 2K Portable Basketball GameFree The NBA Playoffs in progress, and NBA 2K Mobile You won’t miss an opportunity with it. The Playoff Picker is back, and there are some powerful new theme cards for some of the hottest stars. There are also new Pink Diamond cards featuring a slew of NBA MVPs, curren stars and even some NBA legends like Patrick Ewing, Wilt Chamberlain and Vince Carter. salary. You’ll probably get this stuff sooner rather than later, as I imagine at least some of them are time sensitive. The playoffs won’t last forever, after all. Heck, for some people, they’re already on their way to completion.

dead cells$8.99 The queen and the sea DLC has finally reached the cool portable port dead cellsAvailable at an affordable price of $3.99. It is definitely worth it if you are looking for more games to beat. Three new biomes are included, two new bosses, some new enemies, a bunch of new weapons and items, and a new ending. Those without four dollars to spare can at least enjoy the new Training Room along with a selection of items taken from a number of popular indie games. Yes, this will earn her the coveted UMMSotW Prize this time, I think.

This is about wrapping up important updates last week. I’m sure I missed some, so feel free to comment below and let everyone know if you think something should be mentioned. As usual, major updates will likely have their own news stories throughout this week, and I’ll be back next Monday to recap and fill in the blanks. I had a fun week!