Best Wordle alternatives to play on your Android device

Rita El Khoury / Android Authority

Wordle is a word guessing game that was first released in October last year. Players get six attempts to guess a five-letter word. Since the beginning of the new year, almost everyone seems to be playing the game, and for good reason. Not only is it fun, but it’s also free. However, there is a possibility that it will not remain free for long since it was purchased New York times in january.

Wordle offers a simple yet intuitive way to solve a puzzle-like guessing game that gives you a new challenge to tackle every morning. It is basically the modern version of a crossword puzzle, but you can only play it once a day due to its brief nature. If you are looking to improve your Wordle skills or just want more fun puzzles, here is our list of best Wordle alternatives for Android. Some are more or less identical to Wordle, while others are slightly different to make sure you never get bored.

Best Wordle Alternatives for Android

The Wordle game, FatCatStudios, has a similar premise to the New York Times game of the same name. It’s the most convenient Wordle alternative you’ll find on Android, and much like the game from the New York Times, you are given a set number of guesses to find the five-letter word the game asks for you.

Wordle from FatCatStudios is a great way to train yourself every day before moving on to the real deal across the web.

editing! Daily word challenge

price: free

editing! Daily Word Challenge has a boring name but it works under the same concept as Wordle. Each day, you will have six guesses to find a particular five-letter word. However, this game is more diverse, as you can choose from three different difficulty modes and six different languages. With all its options, it still has a very simple interface that is easy to understand.

Word Trip is another excellent Wordle alternative for Android, and it has a variety of gameplay options. You can choose from a variety of game modes that test your skills with simple puzzles from three letters, all the way to five and ten letters. Word Trip is currently rated on the Google Play Store at 4.6 stars. With more than 5000 puzzles, it is a great complement to Wordle and will be one of the most addictive word guessing games on Android.

What do you get when you combine Candy Crush and Wordle? The answer is simple, SpellTower. SpellTower is a fun cross between word search and Wordle, but with a fun twist on the game mechanics. Instead of just guessing random letters, you are given a set of letter boxes, and you must try to pass them to suitable words. The more characters you can combine, the higher your score.

SpellTower has 11 different modes of play, they vary in difficulty and time restrictions, allowing you to test your skills but also play casually. SpellTower is an excellent way to get into a different game with the same premise of discovering new words.

Wordscapes is arguably one of the most popular word games on Google Play, and for good reason. Like Wordle, you have to compose words within a certain space, but the difference with Wordscapes is its format. Wordscapes is a mixture of crossword puzzles and other word guessing games. You do not guess the right word, but you try to form words with the letters given to you. This creates an interesting dynamic where you need to be able to come up with words and unlock them in the given crossword puzzle to complete the match.

Wordscapes has more than 10 million players and more than 6000 puzzles, and it is one of the best alternatives to Wordle that you will find on Android.

Looking for something more multiplayer? Letterpress is a simple yet intuitive game that lets you compete with fellow opponents to solve vocabulary-based puzzles. Letterpress has different levels, game stats, and even match replays, but best of all, it gives you definitions of the words in the game.

This not only makes the game highly stimulating, but you will also actively pick up new words during the competition.

Typeshift brings the fun of anagrams straight to your phone. Instead of solving one word for each puzzle, Typeshift combines multiple words grouped into one puzzle. The game faces a daily challenge that gradually gets more difficult as the week progresses. Add to the global leaderboard, and you’ll quickly see why this game is as addictive as many of the others on this list.

If you’re looking for a game that adds a little more twist to your letter-matching cravings, Typeshift is an option worth considering.

Finally, Workleap brings the fun of Wordle to Android with its library of 1,000 word puzzles that work on the same concept of matching and guessing. Workleap takes Wordle fun even more with in-game levels, multiple puzzles in a day, and the use of coins to help you out when you get stuck. This game maintains the basic functions of Wordle while adding features that make the game fun.

Wordleap can also be played offline, which is a huge bonus if you are looking to waste time without wasting your mobile data. Overall, we think Wordleap is an important consideration for Wordle alternatives on Android.

This is our list of the best Wordle alternatives on Android! We will update this post with new ones as soon as they hit the Play Store.