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What is the best iPhone 12 screen protector?

If you are buying an iPhone 12, you want to protect it from accidental damage which can have various and costly consequences. Fortunately, screen protectors help ensure continued protection for your iPhone 12.

There is an almost endless selection of iPhone 12 screen protectors to be found online, but Spigen’s glass screen protector offers the highest quality guarantee at a low price.

What you need to know before buying an iPhone 12 screen protector


Since iPhone 12 smartphone screen protectors are more of a protective option than a cosmetic one, it is essential to consider the strength of the product. Although it may prevent your iPhone from getting a super smooth finish, a glass screen protector will provide protection that far exceeds that of non-hard plastic.

Ease of installation

The ease of installation of an iPhone 12 screen protector is vital when you are in the market. If you order a product that only comes with a protective screen, you may find yourself embarrassingly trying to repair it on your iPhone 12, which could smudge or misalign it. Of course, taking the monitor to have it professionally installed is an option, but if you buy one from an online retailer, you’ll want to make sure you’re fully equipped for a smooth installation.

iPhone dimensions

Although it may seem obvious, one important aspect to consider is the dimensions of your iPhone 12. Each new generation of iPhone is accompanied by a variety of iterations. The most important thing to remember is that if you have an iPhone 12 Mini or iPhone 12 Pro Max, the screen protector designed for the iPhone 12 or iPhone 12 Pro will not work properly.

case compatibility

Although thicker screen protectors can sometimes offer more protection, they may have a hard time matching some iPhone cases. If you already own a phone case, ensuring screen protector compatibility can save you some trouble. However, most iPhone cases can support separate screen protectors.

What to look for in a high quality iPhone 12 screen protector

Supplementary Equipment

Most iPhone 12 screen protectors sold come with at least one screen protector. The usefulness of many cannot be overstated, as it allows easy correction of any accidentally applied protectors. A good piece of equipment to look for is a self-installing kit to ensure ease of application. Another perfect tool is a microfiber cloth, which is great for ensuring the screen is clean before you cover it. The self-aligning kit also saves you the unnecessary stress of trying to apply the screen protector flawlessly on the first try.

privacy screen

While it might not be a game changer for everyone, the privacy screen is a great optional component. Through the capabilities of the privacy screen, the screen appears polarizing to those who do not face it directly, examining their stray eyes at home or in public places.

Apple recommendation

On its website, Apple specifically lists the Belkin UltraGlass screen protector as the perfect product to protect your iPhone 12, going so far as to advertise it. It’s on the pricier side of the screen protector market, and research suggests that it may not be as flawless as marketed.

How much can you expect to spend on an iPhone 12 screen protector

They can run the whole gamut, but most screen protectors are around the $10 mark, and while some can cost as much as $30, some of the most cost-effective screen protectors also offer the best protection.

iPhone 12 Screen Protector FAQ

Can you apply an iPhone 12 screen protector yourself?

a. Yes you can. Technically, no equipment is necessary, and all you have to do is peel off the adhesive cover from the screen protector and put it on your iPhone 12. However, unless you’ve done it skillfully before, it’s best to use a self-installing kit to ensure a flawless fit .

Will a screen protector protect your iPhone 12 from anything?

a. An iPhone 12 that lacks a screen protector is the most vulnerable to complete damage, so whatever the case, any protection is better than no protection. However, there is a relative measure to the strength of a screen protector, with tempered glass providing the most comprehensive protection. While it is best to leave warranties to the manufacturers, the iPhone 12 glass screen protector will provide your phone with the best protection currently available.

Will a screen protector obstruct the touch screen?

a. A screen protector should never compromise your iPhone 12’s touch screen capabilities. It’s designed to provide seamless screen protection while preserving all the touch screen capabilities that have become associated with the Apple brand. Any screen protector offered otherwise should be avoided.

What is the best iPhone 12 screen protector to buy?

iPhone 12 top screen protector

Spigen Tempered Glass Screen Protector

What you need to know: Offering great protection and easy installation, this screen protector is perfect for any iPhone 12.

What you will like: EZ Fit technology allows for quick and simple installation, saving an extra trip to the Apple Store. It also comes with a set of cleaning supplies, ensuring a neat look that increases protection.

What you should consider: There may be some issues with wrong sticking with some individual guards.

Where do I buy: Sold by Amazon

The best iPhone 12 screen protector for the money

amFilm OneTouch Glass Screen Protector

amFilm OneTouch Glass Screen Protector

What you need to know: This screen protector will provide you with a backed device for less than the cost of a meal.

What you will like: For an unbeatable price, this protector comes with a variety of cleaning agents and applicators. The protector is designed to reduce fingerprints and smudges, ensuring continuous, high-quality visuals.

What you should consider: The one-touch installer can be a little tricky.

Where do I buy: Sold by Amazon

worth checking out

LϟK . Privacy Screen Protector

LϟK . Privacy Screen Protector

What you need to know: Pairing protection with privacy, this screen protector provides increased security awareness with a great alternative.

What you will like: This protector includes a hardware kit to ensure proper installation. Moreover, this screen protector has an excellent combination of physical and security protection.

What you should consider: This protector reduces perceived brightness, so you may need to keep your iPhone 12 at a higher brightness level.

Where do I buy: Sold by Amazon

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